From Separation to Wholeness

From Separation to Wholeness


As we mentioned earlier – including in the blog post Unfuckwithable from 27/9 – everything we do, write, and offer is aligned with our mission and our vision of a better and more loving world for all.

Our work includes transforming unconsciousness into consciousness, and our shadows into our power (see all blog posts in September 2020 about the seven deadly sins, for example). To transform fear to release love. We are passionate about creating wholeness and sustainability. How to shift separation and instead wholeness and UNITY is created. This in order to restore balance and harmony.

Why does it looks so dark?

The irony is that the world has never been more unbalanced and disharmonious in our lifetime than it is now. This is because everything that has been hidden in the shadows for thousands of years is coming to exposure now. We become aware of it – it is in our face – and we cannot fail to see it or experience it. This gives each and one of us a new opportunity to create the world we want to see – the world we want to live in.

The question is if everybody wants to see – and dare to take the opportunity to transform their own “shit” – to let it go so something new can unfold and grow…

It is one of the qualities in what we call being “unfuckwithable” (see blog post Unfuckwithable 27/9).


A Vicious Cycle

The polarities in the world that create separation are more extreme than ever before (see blog post about new rules 30/9). Many people feel unease/disease. Many lack meaning, purpose and wholeness. Life feels empty.

We are stressed, sick, scared and anxious – and fed daily with the importance of keeping our distance and being separated. This creates even more stress. Our immune system is deteriorating.  We have more symptoms, diseases and are even more out of balance. It is a negative downward spiral that takes place in the individual – and thus in the collective field.




So what can you do to create more wholeness, harmony and balance?

We are not “allowed” to meet physically connected due to the current restrictions. At the same time, many of us long for more togetherness, community and meaning – along with like-minded people. It becomes a paradox in itself.

Many of us long for something and we know intuitively what we need – because our bodies, like the earth, automatically strive for balance and harmony.

Thus, it feels extra fun to present Wholyland!!

We have for several months co-created – together with several others – an international digital member’s platform…

Wholyland – an interactive platform for growth, awareness, wholeness and UNITY.


What is Wholyland?

”We co-create an interactive community for those who desire to live in a world which values authenticity, vulnerability, heart centered compassion and freedom for everyone to express and explore their own unique self and to reach their highest potential.

An online membership platform with the vision to manifest a wholy new Nation; where conscious, heart centred leaders connect and play beyond the current matrix to co-create a new reality where we thrive in sovereign leaderhood.

How would your life change if you could co-create what you quietly dream, hope and long for?

The wisdom of the podcast Live the Impossible show is a start to manifest your desired future on a personal and global level.  Where you start with yourself and then extend the principles into the greater world.

This cannot be done in isolation. To create lasting change you need the support of a community that fosters the exchange of ideas and perspectives, offers accountability and inspiration. This is a journey to a new way of living. Through collaboration we transform, balance and design a safe, harmonious and thriving world to benefit all. A place of wholeness and holiness.

Three Core beliefs we live by:

Wholeness: Recognise in order to be a fully expressed human being, we need to take into account all areas of life and our environment as well as our spirituality.

Sovereignty: Freedom to choose how we want to live, make decisions in alignment with our desires and take radical responsibility for our actions.

Genius: Our unique gifts, talents, perspectives and abilities we share with the world in an impactful way to co-create the world we want to see”.


The beta version opens in October.

As a reader of unfuckwithable blog, you get the unique opportunity to join Wholyland for free for 1 month!

Read more about Wholyland at:


Warmly Welcome to Wholyland – we look forward to interact with you here <3!

Please, share your reflections and thoughts in the comments below! We look forward hearing your perspective on this topic!


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Live Unfuckwithable!

Tora & Ulrika

Till startsidan