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Stolt konspirationsteoretiker / Proud Conspiracy Theorist

Svenska: En konspirationsteori (av latinets conspirare som betyder “andas tillsammans”) är en hypotes eller teori om en komplott, sammansvärjning eller konspiration. Ofta används termen i nedsättande bemärkelse men kan även syfta på sakliga hypoteser kring faktiska sammansvärjningar.[1] Det finns väldigt många olika konspirationsteorier som inkluderar exempelvis konspirationsteorierna om månlandningarna och omständigheterna kring Kennedymordet på 1960-talet.Continue reading “Stolt konspirationsteoretiker / Proud Conspiracy Theorist”

From Separation to Wholeness

English: As we mentioned earlier – including in the blog post Unfuckwithable from 27/9 – everything we do, write, and offer is aligned with our mission and our vision of a better and more loving world for all. Our work includes transforming unconsciousness into consciousness, and our shadows into our power (see all blog postsContinue reading “From Separation to Wholeness”

New f*cked up rules and restrictions around the world

English: Now, one month after our book release of Holy F * ck and Sacred Water in Sweden, Tora is back in restrictive Denmark. The chaos and restrictions in the world have since then increased even more. Last month when Tora came home she was met by soldiers on the train. The military emptied theContinue reading “New f*cked up rules and restrictions around the world”

To be Unfuckwithable

English: We like to “play” “find connections” with everything between heaven and earth. For example, the connection between the inner and outer realms. Or what the past, present and future have in common, etc. “Connecting the dots” is important for us to understand why we are as we are when we did not become asContinue reading “To be Unfuckwithable”

Our reflections on the seven deadly sins

English: We just want to stop for a moment and share our reflections on the theme of the seven deadly sins we have had recently. It has been incredibly interesting, informative but also depressing to see the Church’s ongoing preaching and programming. This programming, which began thousands of years ago, is still very much activeContinue reading “Our reflections on the seven deadly sins”

Sloth – the last of the 7 deadly sins

English: Sloth is the most difficult sin to define and credit as sin, since it refers to an assortment of ideas, dating from antiquity and including mental, spiritual, pathological, and physical states. One definition is a habitual disinclination to exertion, or laziness. Views concerning the virtue of work to support society and further God’s planContinue reading “Sloth – the last of the 7 deadly sins”