Vårt ABC är Hijacked/ Our ABC is Hijacked!

Vårt ABC är Hijacked/ Our ABC is Hijacked!

Svensk summering:

Vårt alfabet har blivit hijacked – såsom så mycket annat. Coherence handlar om hur saker hänger ihop. När dessa saker inte är i harmoni skapas det obalans.

Det betyder att harmonin i olika ord och ljud också är i obalans.

Allt är vibrationer – och ljud, symboler och ord har allt en frekvens som vibrerar i olika hastigheter. Det betyder att när vi säger ett hijacked ord så vibrerar det inte i balans och harmoni som det var menat.

Vad snackar vi nu om?

Läs denna artiklen av Beate Heinkel från Wholyland Council:



Has been hijacked and it’s time to take it back

into coherent words, sounds, or signs.

This moons theme in ‘Wholyland’ and on ‘Live the Impossible Show’ is ‘coherence’.

Our approach in Wholyland to coherence is from a wholystic point of view. The whole universe is vibration and as humans we literally ARE vibration too. We believe that when this vibration is in coherence it manifests as holy wholeness.

As a consequence we cannot talk about coherence without considering the spiritual dimension of its meaning.

History of Coherence

Let us start from where the idea of coherence was first used. In Latin etymology the word coherence derives from the root of the verb ‘cohaerere’, which means to tie together.

In the 16th century, coherence was used in physics and biology to describe what remains attached. For the scientists of the time stones were coherent, as a stone doesn’t easily disintegrate.

Centuries later, the idea of coherence began to be used in the context of written, or spoken text. Coherence was then understood as a quality of logic and consistency. A common definition is that coherence gives a written or spoken text unity and purpose.

“Coherence is one of the two qualities that give a written or spoken text unity and purpose. The other is cohesion. Coherence refers to the general sense that a text makes sense through the organisation of its content. In writing, it is provided by a clear and understood structuring of paragraphs and sentences in writing.”(teaching English)

It was only in the nineties that coherence entered the scientific research vocabulary!

What had happened?

In order to describe new findings in stress research as well as in consciousness research a new word, a new terminology was needed.

The idea of coherence in stress research is used to describe the synchronisation of heart and brain waves. Heart rate variability can be measured and is looked at as a sign of adaptability and energy saving. So Coherence describes the presence of health. You can read more in the last blog – Heart Coherence.


ABC of Coherence

There is another even wider definition of Coherence:

Coherence is the ability to form a unified whole.

This is related to new research into human consciousness.

We will now focus on the coherence of the ABC alphabet, of letters, words and signs in relation to human consciousness.

In German there is a beautiful quote, a short part of the poem “Stufen” that means „steps“ by Hermann Hesse: “Jedem Anfang wohnt ein Zauber inne.” And deepl.com  translates it as follows: ‘every beginning has its magic or has an inherent magic’. This is a very precise and correct translation, but I prefer the translation to be:

“In the core of every beginning magic lives”

It is a nuance…, but:

Can you feel the difference?

I feel there is more coherence in this phrase. There is an invitation to life itself. The presence or absence of coherence can be intuitively known and felt.

Coherence is the ability to form a unified whole. In Wholyland we change the ending of ‘whole’ and exchange the ‘E’ to a “Y”. The Y  is a cosmic symbol of amplification and transformation. The healing power of symbols has been researched by the Austrian scientist, Erich Körbler who founded a new healing method in the 1980s called New Homeopathy. Link: https://subtle.energy/information-medicine-erich-korbler-and-new-homeopathy/

We humans have the ability to recognise and perceive when there is coherence. Possibly this is the mysterious 7th sense so many mystic traditions talk about.  This 7th sense gives us the inner knowing what is ‘wholy’ whole and holy and what is not. This is why coherence is often associated with harmony and beauty. When something is in coherence we often perceive it as beautiful.


Another path to discover coherence is through the work of Masuro Emoto, a Japanese researcher and photographer. He played music to water, wrote words on water bottles and talked or prayed to natural lakes and rivers. He froze water drops and photographed the ice crystals. His work shows that the vibration/energy of the words influence the water and the shape of the crystals. Words of love and gratitude shape beautiful coherent crystals.  Where as words such as hate and greed makes the water loose its crystallising ability.

I am deeply touched by the beauty of the ice crystals he photographed.

Another astonishing fact is that when a coherent ice crystal melts
it forms into the Chinese sign for water.

Coincidence or Coherence?







From Mauro Emoto Die Botschaft des Wassers Koha Verlag                            Chinese sign for water

Hijacked Words

When we came together to co-create Wholyland, we came from different countries, languages, education, and different perspectives. We found a great beauty in this diversity and at the same time we recognised, how words are easily misunderstood or mistranslated. We realised we each create our ‘own story’ when we hear a word, which results in completely different meanings.
We started to see how words have been hijacked, and we are unaware of their true meaning. Therefore we have started to create new words and reclaim the original meaning and power of the words.

One method of hijacking is the mirror-method.

Words can be mirrored. You probably played this game as a child: turning words around, inventing new languages.

So give it a try: turn around some basic words, you really like. And listen to the sound or grasp the turnaround meaning.

Here is an example that might surprise you:

LIVE turns into EVIL.
LOVE turns into EVOL
NAME turns into EMAN (sounds like‚ a ‘man’)

In German LEBEN (to live or life) turns into NEBEL which means fog.

Time to question the history books!

Is there something hidden to us in our language?
Where does language come from?
What is its origin?
What do we know about the creation of different sounds and language around the world?

Matriarchy researchers pointed out a longtime ago, that HISTORY is probably HIS story and HER story. 
How might ‘history’ be different it it was ‘HERSTORY’? 
How might the world be different if we recognised we all tell our own story?

Then history would be ‘MYSTORY’ which is very close to ‘MYSTERY’!

Due to this hijacking and story making we need to be mindful of the meaning we really want to express and the vibration we want to create.

There are people who can speak backwards, so maybe our brains can also grasp the backwards meaning of words simultaneously with the forward meaning.
What consequence does this have on what we may create?
Does it matter if you consciously decide to live forward and not backwards?
Does your attitude towards life influence how you hear words?
Does conscious choice matter?

If you would like to dive into the realm of sounds, check out our articles for members at wholyland.me and listen to our “sounds of silence“


We love to meet (teem-team) you there!

Enjoy, in joy

Beate Heinkel
and the Wholyland Council

Att vara Unfuckwithable

Att vara Unfuckwithable


Vi gillar att ”leka hitta samband” med allt mellan himmel och jord. Till exempel kopplingen mellan det inre och yttre. Eller vad det förflutna, nutid och framtid har gemensamt etc. ”Connecting the dots” är viktigt för oss för att förstå varför vi är som vi är när vi inte blev som vi skulle som Toras pappa brukar säga. 😉

Vi ser den röda tråden genom våra blog inlägg och vikten av att vara unfuckwithable genom att vara medveten och medskapande av våra liv. I motsats till att vara omedvetet offer för omständigheterna. Inre såväl som yttre omständigheter.

Att vara unfuckwithable (se bloginlägg ”Vad betyder unfuckwithable för dig”).



Eller som vi skriver i Holy F*ck and Sacred Water-the Secret Connetions to Everything

We are really here to be “unfuckwithable” – empowered – living as and in our own power.The whole world looks kind of f*cked up at the moment, so we, the authors, have come to put it right, together. To remind people of the sacredness and holiness of everyone and everything. That is how we are connected through a holy f*ck and co-create peace on Earth.


Vad vill du bidra med?

 Vi vill med andra ord vara med och samskapa en mer kärleksfull, medveten och bättre värld för oss alla. En värld som vi med gott samvete kan överlämna till våra barn.

Allt vi gör – bloggar, poddar, böcker, events och program och så vidare – syftar till vår mission och vision om en bättre värld.

Som ni vet, är det inte alltid lätt att vara unfuckwithable och ha en stor mission – i en värld som gör allt för att begränsa vår storhet och avtrubba våra sinnen. Utmaningarna är många. Många av oss mister vänner, klienter och kunder. Vi blir attackerade och påhoppade av nära och kära för att vi kanske inte har samma syn och åsikt som dem. Våra sanningar som vi utrycker i medier blir censurerade och borttagna (se tex inlägg från 3 och 8 september här).

Vi blir kallade ”konspirationsteoretiker” förlöjligade och smutskastade. Och ändå, trots detta, är vi många som följer våra hjärtan och uttrycker våra sanningar och perspektiv (lyssna t.ex. på Live the Impossible show här). Vi är obekväma och fortsätter ändå att ställa frågor.

Det krävs mod, styrka och uthållighet att vara unfuckwithable. Och vi börjar bli riktigt många. Fler och fler vaknar och inser hur f*cked up världen ser ut. Innan man kan förändra världen, behöver man förändra sig själv. Allt börjar och slutar med oss själva. Innan många vaknar, kanske de insjuknar… Kanske inte alltid av vad de tror de blir sjuka av – men av vad de behöver se och transformera. Vi ser både potentialen och vi ser utmaningarna. Det är en av våra styrkor och gåvor.



Vad vi bidrar med

Du som inspireras och känner dig som en ”unfuckwithable” – eller är nyfiken på att bli – så har vi flera spännande saker på gång.

Först ut kommer vår 2 dagars workshop online den 7-8 November med temat Unfuckwithable – såklart! 😉 Du kan delta en eller båda dagarna! Läs om eventet här!

Andra spännande saker som är på gång är Wholyland – en ny internationell medlemsplattform som lanseras den 1 November 2020 (med en beta version som börjar oktober 2020). Vi skriver mer om detta i senare bloginlägg.


Men för idag;

Vad är din ursäkt för att inte vara unfuckwithble?

Dela gärna dina reflektioner omkring detta ämne i kommentarerna nedan. Vi ser fram emot att höra ditt perspektiv och tankar!


Be F*ckin’ MoRE – Become the Master of Reactivated Embodiment. Tora Zophia and Ulrika are transformational life designers and you can find them and their programs at: www.reactivatedembodiment.com

Live Unfuckwithable!

Tora & Ulrika


Till startsidan