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Hur kan vi vara till service idag? Vi erbjuder kurser, events, bok klub, medlemskap, skrivprogram, retreats och mycket mer.

How can we be at service today? We provide courses, events, book club, membership, writing programs, retreats and much more.



JOIN our virtual nation community WHOLYLAND 

A member site for leaders who want to be free to explore their WholenessSovereignty and Genius to transform the world.

An online platform with the vision to manifest a wholy new nation; where conscious, heart centred leaders connect and play beyond the current matrix to co-create a new reality where we thrive in sovereign leaderhood.  In other words – the impossible becomes a real life reality.

A place where wholeness and holiness come together to transform, balance and collaborate in the design of a safe and harmonious world. Catering Uppsala 

This is a space for those who desire to co-create a world which values authenticity, vulnerability, heart centered compassion and freedom for everyone to express and explore their own unique self and to reach their highest potential.

A land where all opinions and ideas are welcome. We don’t have to agree but we are open to listen without judgement and be willing to change our minds.

We live the impossible and dare to be different!

Energy exchange: Free and up….

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