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Introduction to Holy F*ck and Sacred Water


The Secret Connections to Everything


By Ulrika Karlsson & Tora Zophia Silverhøj


Theos Heart of Copenhagen

Gentofte. Denmark

Table of Contents

Also by the Authors

Ulrika Karlsson

Tora Zophia Silverhøj

Praise for Holy F*ck & Water

Dedications & Acknowledgments


Tora Zophia


Our Journeys

Tora Zophia



The Creation of All

Holy Sexuality – Holy F*ck

Your Cells and DNA

Hormones and Neurons

the Schumann Resonance

Pineal Gland

Hormonal Orgasmic Consequences

Holy F*ck – Yoni and Lingam

Suppression and Control of Humans’ Holy F*ck and Power

Goddess of the North

#Metoo (Tora Zophia)

The Shamanic, Spiritual, and Sexual Path (Ulrika)

Free and Liberate the Dragon (Ulrika)

Dark Fuck (Ulrika)

Water Through Time and Space

Body Water

Sacred Water is Structured Water

Holy Water is Sacred Water

Yogic Perspective on Sacred Water

Why do Miracles Happen in Lourdes, France?

Mayan Perspective of Lourdes

Lemuria (Tora Zophia)

The Rebirthing (Ulrika)

The Mermaid (Ulrika)

The Puja (Ulrika)

The Importance of Blood

Nature’s Cycles

Living on Light With Every Breath You Take (Tora Zophia)

Connected and Balanced Life

Holy F*ck and Marriage (Tora Zophia)

Holy F*ck of Time

The Sacred Union – a Holy F*ck of Leadership

The Unconscious Feminine

The Unconscious Masculine

Let THE Conscious Feminine Lead with love

Let THE Conscious Masculine lead with clarity

Leadership as a Holy F*ck

Monkey Mind to Holy Mind

Holy Emotional Empowerment

Rape and Business (Tora Zophia)

Holy Manifestations & Money

Sovereign Freedom of Speech and Living Beings in 2020

EMF and Humanity

free Sovereign living beings

Shift of Power on the Planet (Tora Zophia)

Connecting All

Satanic Rituals and the Roots of Evil (Tora Zophia)

The New Earth and Sacred Human of the Pure 666 Energy are Here

Common Theories of the Meaning of 666

The Power of 666

Holy F*ck As Sacred Balance

Back to Tora Zophia’s Easter journey in Spain 2017:

Easter of 2019

Why Is Carbon, As One of the Elements in Our DNA, Also Connected With 666?

From Easter 2019 to Easter 2020 – Out of the Shadows

Release Your Superpowers

End of the World as We Know It – Co-creating a New Beginning

What’s Next

About the Authors

Ulrika Karlsson

Tora Zophia Silverhøj



Also by the Authors


Ulrika Karlsson

2:47 AM: The Journey Home to My Heart, 2019

Co-author: Famna Feminint Ledarskap by Siljans Måsar, 2019

En ovanligt vanlig vardag hos Ulrika


Tora Zophia Silverhøj

(Previously published as Susana Mei Silverhøj) 

Flow Food: Nem Økomad på Budget, 2016

From Money with Love: Activate your Prosperity Consciousness, 2018

Goodness, Grace & Great Thoughts on Fire: How to Embrace the 7 Billion Shades of You, 2018


No mistakes!: How to change Adversity into Abundance by Madison Taylor, Sunny Dawn Johnston and HeatherAsh Amara, 2013

Time to Rise by Dr. Andrea Pennington, 2017

Famna Feminint Ledarskap by Siljans Måsar, 2019


Praise for Holy F*ck & Water


“The silence is broken! The timing of this wonderful book is so significant. The “damned witches” are rising and claiming their powerful Magic! The divine feminine in its glory is radiating through every page.

I was deeply moved by the authenticity, the intensity and magic of the words, the daring of the authors revealing their truth through deep wisdom and personal experiences, thus the courage of being totally open and vulnerable. The wisdom makes such sense and the insights are presented in a beautiful, refreshing, logical and comprehensible sequence. Our dormant Codes are for sure being reactivated! Congratulations dear Goddesses!”

  • Sólrún Bragadóttir, Sound Magician


Holy F*ck is a great f*cking book. Its raw, honest and dives right into the topics that have great importance in human lives at this point of time. But keep in mind, its only for the bold ones.

– Seram Saks, Mystic & Visionary


“A must read. It’s a delight and relief to come across a book that is prepared to tackle what are often seen as taboo subjects that need to be bought out into the open and discussed. The authors are honest and vulnerable as they share their own experiences, thoughts and opinions. Everything within us and around us is interconnected. How? Why? This book explains and inspires.”

  • Pam Lob , Author and Health transformation Genie


“An interesting book full of insights and logical explanations of what sacred water and holy f*cks are. As well as how we as complex humans are connected to everything. In the same time it is written in a humble way without claiming that what is written is true for all!

A must-read book for those who are interested and curious about the unknown connections to everything! Ulrika and Tora Zophia take the reader on an exciting journey through this book and beyond!”

  • Dennis Larsson, International Business Coach and mentor


Dedications & Acknowledgments



I am dedicating this book to my children, Elliot and Livia. I am truly grateful to you. You are my greatest teachers in life. I love you .

To my partner in life, who loves me and supports me in all my different aspects. I love you .

To my parents, who gave me the greatest gift of all: this life. I love you .

To Tora Zophia, for reaching out to me so this book could be ignited and co-created. Thank you for our friendship and sisterhood. I love you .

To all my friends and family, and all the people I have met along the way, for all support, challenges, and teachings. For all lessons learned. I love you .

To you, the reader, thank you for being receptive and curious enough to read this book. May your journey with us connect you deeper into yourself. I love you .

To humanity, I believe in us. I love you .


Tora Zophia

I am dedicating this book to humanity. To all the brave, amazing human beings who all do their very best with what they were dealt in this lifetime. We all need more love, not less…

To all my teachers, friends, and family who have given me the awareness, love, and information that I needed at the perfect time to become more of who I am.

To my children and husband who always support and cheer me on – and think I’m the best person ever – especially when I doubt myself the most.

To Ulrika, my amazing, wonderful soul sister and partner in writing-crime, who has supported me to speak my truth at a new level.

To fellow truth seekers, soul and star families – together we can make a difference!

To you who read these words, for listening to your intuition and heart in picking up this book, knowing it was exactly what you needed at this time.

Thank you all. Love you all…  





To you who wants to journey with us into different multidimensional realities…

Thank you for choosing to receive our message. Since you intuitively picked up this book, you know that it is meant for you, which means you are ready for the next step in your personal and spiritual evolution. As you read our words, they will travel in and through you, through your inner sacred water, and ignite a spark. A new spark of consciousness. A new creation of life itself.

Holy F*ck & Sacred Water started as a spark of inspiration, and every sentence has been embedded with divine energies and reactivation codes. We were divinely guided and nudged to start writing in October 2019. Little did we know then that only a few months later, the world would be in a state of utter chaos and fear. The mass awakening that we have read about in all religious and holy texts is upon us. We have come to realize that this book has been co-created as a bridge into the new earth we have all longed for. It is like a lighthouse to guide you home to yourself and your power through connecting the dots. These dots are a morphogenetic field of unconditional love grids that you can tap into.

We were divinely guided to come together as authors. Initially, we were two strangers who just happened to write a chapter in the same book on feminine leadership. Ulrika said in a meeting with all of these authors, “We should write one about sacred sexuality too.” Something ignited within me (Tora Zophia) upon hearing that one sentence. I reached out to Ulrika, and we started to communicate. Quickly we decided to go for it. We didn’t know what and how, but we felt there was something unique we could co-create together on a topic that we had never seen written about before. Separately, of course, there are hundreds of books on sacred sexuality (we assume) and tons of information on water. Was there even any connection between the two? Or was it a stretch?

We also come from very different backgrounds and experiences. If we followed the “traditional teamwork” model (which is more structured and masculine), we would probably not have co-authored this book as we would have been too different in our approaches. But we could see the strengths in our differences and experiences. And we stayed open, curious, and excited about having a new playmate. Ulrika started to write her chapters right away. I contemplated, did some research, and followed the synchronicity that showed me so many new perspectives we had never seen before. The book became exactly what it was meant to be. It grew out of a natural life force wanting to see the light – water merging with the fire, co-creating a steamy ride.

We have been in awe of this new way of working with a subject as we feel it is a more feminine way of creating. Ulrika and I didn’t follow any rules as such; we didn’t have a template or a structure. We wrote, discussed, contemplated, cut, pasted, and rewrote. We added new content as more disclosure and awareness surfaced in the world. We could see the weaving of the red thread and see the power of the holy f*ck and sacred water merging together as a new web and grid that we had never seen before. It became a pathway to our sovereign freedom as sacred human beings. It was our curiosity and trust in our intuition that made us dare to start writing without seeing the end goal and connections Our intuition told us that water and sexuality had a much bigger connection to our divinity than we ever had imagined. So we embarked on a journey to connect the dots. This book is the result of that – even if it is only the beginning of a far bigger journey.

Most beings today are not even aware of the dots, the connections, and the energetic patterns linking everything. When the Bible says: “As above, so below,” it means that literally; we can see the same symbols and patterns everywhere in nature, our bodies, and in the universe. A walnut has the same pattern as our brain. A leaf’s veins look like our blood vessels, so do the tributaries of streams flowing into the oceans. There are sacred geometry patterns of circles, lines, codes, and cycles everywhere around us. The list and the dots go on and on. And most people do not even see it.

If you have seen the movie The Matrix, please understand that it is more real than we might believe. In the movie the main character, Neo, is offered two pills: the red pill for awakening to the true reality and the blue pill to stay asleep within the illusion. Many people are not aware – not conscious or awake – to a greater multidimensional reality than the 3D version. They are still in the Matrix (material reality) and asleep. Or have one leg in each reality. We have written this book for those of you who are awake, but still might struggle to embody what you know, or still feel separated and want more in life.

We want to be the awakening red pill to open your eyes and your heart to a larger truth, so you can reconnect to your own inner wisdom and power, thus giving you a new level of freedom.

We didn’t write this book to please people or make them more comfortable in their lives. There are millions of those kinds of books out there already. We wrote this book to spark an awakening to something more than you ever thought was possible. A new reality. A new way of thinking. A new way of approaching life. A new way of living life. This path is rarely pleasant, comfortable, and joyful. It is more often a dirty, nasty, unpleasant path until you transform enough of your subconscious shit. Then it can become a “happy happy joy joy” path. But the dirty side of the transformational journey is often hidden behind closed doors. It is the part most spiritual teachers skip telling you about; their journeys becoming a “before-and-after” reality instead: “Before my life sucked and now it is bliss.” This book is not another one of those stories.

Ours is also not another “love and light” book with fluffy unicorns. Yet, we use the words love and light a lot. We believe in unicorns. To many people, we believe in a lot of strange things. That is because we, the authors, live in a multidimensional reality where anything is possible. We believe we create our own realities; therefore, we challenge and question so-called “truths” that maintain the status quo. Hence, we are freer than most people.

We come with bold statements. We come with mind-blowing claims. We didn’t write this book for you to always agree with us. We want you to make up your own minds and feel your own truths around what we write. Do your own research. Either you agree, vibrate, and resonate with it, or you don’t. All is fine.

One reason we wrote this content is to address the elephants in the room. To consciously shed light on hidden shadows and agendas. To address taboo things and politically correct statements. We want to be free to express our truths. We want you to be free to explore and express your truths. We are not going to be held back anymore. We are not holding back.

Every single word in this book has been imprinted from what we refer to as Source (Spirit/ God/Higher self/Zero point field/Consciousness) in this co-creation process. We, Ulrika and Tora Zophia, have been divinely guided while writing this book, and we will take you on a journey through old “truths” and beliefs. This might turn your world inside out and upside down. However, our intentions are to inspire, awaken, challenge, and provoke your fixed beliefs and truths. We aim to link the dots and ignite our higher consciousness to reveal how everything is connected in the universe.

One way to ignite our higher consciousness is by opening our minds and hearts to connections and information we never might have considered before. Or knowledge we had always known deep inside, but only needed confirmed by someone else. Now, you will remember. There is nothing new in this book. How could there be? Everything already exists as consciousness. We are just revealing what already is, has always been, and will always be.

We love and believe in humanity. This book is not us against them. It is about all of us. It is about creating a more empowered future. But how are we ever going to be able to transform the often-subconscious programs running through us if we never address the elephant in the room? Talking about the “obvious” does not mean we are against someone or something. We need to be brave enough to speak our truths – what we see that causes the separation and misery in the world – to transform it. Sticking our heads in the sand will not create transformation, no matter how hard we try to affirm that it will. We are not feminists or against men. We love men. We love their holy cockiness ;)!

Another one of our intentions in writing this book is to help you see the connections between sacred sexuality and sacred water to everything else in life. Although this is not a tantric book to teach you positions or new ways to relate to your partner, etc. It is written to help you see the deeper holy aspects of the union between polarities, or the masculine and feminine aspects within all of us.

Transformation happens by reconnecting with these dualistic aspects of ourselves. Something new can then emerge that enables expansion and reactivates the codes of our DNA. DNA contains water – which we refer to as sacred water – since water provides the potential for all life to grow. Water is sacred in itself, in its pure form. Water is also highly transformational. Spirit is said to manifest in the form of water, and spirit lives, thrives, flows, and connects in water, through water. Water connects us and unifies us within ourselves, starting in our cells, and from a bigger perspective, water connects and unifies countries and even continents. Water even exists in different shapes and forms in other galaxies and throughout the universe.

The main problem we have is the polluted information we add to the sacred water – without even realizing how we are destroying not only the planet – but ourselves and our children. All information is held in our DNA and flows and communicates through our bodily fluids – the sacred water. You will come to realize that you alone are responsible for purifying your inner traumas and accumulated stresses stored in your sacred water. When you resolve these, you balance the feminine and the masculine aspects of self, bringing them into a sacred union – a wholeness – which we refer to as the “Holy F*ck.” A holy f*ck is so much more than sacred sexuality. For us, sacred sexuality is merely one of many ways to reconnect with the holy f*ck.

The igniting spark of the holy f*ck reactivates the dormant codes in our DNA. These reactivations are about remembering, rewiring, and sparking the potential we all hold within. When we experience our innate power – and know how to reactivate it – we flow through life in our fullest potential…

To purify our polluted waters – inner and outer – we all need to start asking questions, changing our perceptions, and looking at the logic of the actions taken around the globe. Do your own research, both inner and outer. We will not try to convince you to believe anything. We share what we see and experience as more “logical” reasons for what is going on in the world right now. We give you different “dots” and perspectives of how everything is connected. Maybe we are right; maybe we are wrong. We create our own reality of right and wrong.

But what is important now is to not just accept as truth what we are fed in the media and through other channels. If everything was out in the open, if there was transparency, wouldn’t the stories we are fed be more consistent and logical? Follow the white rabbits down the rabbit holes and see how deep they go. Be brave, be bold, and be curious with an open mind and heart. When we hear something that contradicts our usual narrative, instead of slamming the door and throwing it away as fantasy, conspiracy theory, or spiritual humbug, stay open and curious and ask yourselves:

What if there is some truth to this?

Even a little grain of truth – then what?

What would that mean?

How would that change my reality? Our world?

If you ask yourself these questions, life will never be the same again. Let’s face it, the time we have been waiting for is here. There is no turning back to the old ways of ignorance and low consciousness. We are in a time of mass awakening, and the dice is rolling at quantum speed.

The world is quite f*cked up now, right? There are lockdowns in half of the world, secretly pushed new laws, censoring, disclosure and arrests of celebrities, billionaires, and spiritual teachers. Satanism, the Cabal, New World Order, and Illuminati against the Q movement and the white hats. The separation and polarities are larger than ever before. As we see it, it is because we need to be aware of these things to transform them. Everything hidden in the shadows has to come out. Now we have the opportunity to set ourselves free. Free our minds, bodies, and spirits from enslavement. To clear our inner waters and those of the planet. We have the opportunity to clean, clear, purify, and transform thousands – maybe even millions – of years of pollution, limited beliefs, illusions, programs, and all kind of shit on every level.

We believe in the pureness, holiness, and Godness and goodness of all. No matter how f*cked up things seem, there is always a pure spark of Source in all living beings and things. The time has come to bring that forth.

This book is written from our own perspectives – our “truths” – and some parts are written and based on our own highly personal experiences. You will not find tons of resources, scientific studies, or a long reference list. Many of our claims are coming from our divine channelings, which are then being confirmed by other resources. But often not in a specific book or site.

If you are looking for evidence, this is not the book to read. We challenge you to feel if any of the content this is true for you in your body. F*ck evidence! Listen to your intuition. Listen to what your body is telling you. Listen to your heart. We are here to ignite something within you. Then you can go and research and dive into the “evidence” for the claims – or the opposite in other places. We do not claim this book to be filled with universal truths. Or maybe it does contain universal truths, given that they are carried and connected through our inner water and bloodlines. Who knows?

We have just taken this opportunity and allowed ourselves to write from a raw, naked, vulnerable, and juicy, yet very empowered, peaceful, and liberated place deep within us, to share this content with you. This is where the magic happens! From this space we set the intentions with this book; from this space we share our knowledge and wisdom. Our writing is an example of the magical expansion process. While creating the content, we played and explored the connections between everything through the holy f*ck and sacred waters: the fire and life spark that ignites us and brings us on a journey through a flowing river.

We want to be at service to reconnect you with what already exists in you, including whatever you might feel, no matter in what form or intensity. It’s already there in you, and it’s yours to handle. So please pay close attention to what this book stirs up in you and how you react and act upon it. Hopefully, you will receive some new information or a new insight into yourself. Maybe you as a reader might feel challenged, provoked even. Maybe something about the content frustrates you or stir up fears. Know that they surface to be transformed. This is how we make the unconscious conscious.

We do hope that this book interests and intrigues you, hopefully even inspires and motivates you to be curious. Even if only a single word or a single sentence resonates with you, its vibration is activated in your consciousness. We hope you feel curious about your own sexuality, your water, your own inner flow and the necessity to purify your sacred water. We want you to reclaim your inner knowing and holiness. It is already there in your DNA waiting to be reactivated. Maybe long-time forgotten, but still inherent within you. Your divine truth still exists beneath layers and layers of circumstances, excuses, fears, accumulated stress, limited beliefs, illusions, and programs – your own and also inherited from others – as well as beneath other people’s truths and religious perspectives.

Some of what we, the authors, have learned and experienced has manifested into words in this book. We speak our truth. It might not be your truth, and we honor and respect that. It is your divine right to believe what you believe. And for us to believe what we believe. That is how we can stand united. Through openness and respect, while honoring each other’s truths. Humanity still has free will, even though at this time on the planet there are those who are trying to remove that human right.

Throughout this book, we have intentionally and consciously played with words. This is to support the clearing of old beliefs and programming, while helping you to embody the new codes for higher consciousness contained in this book.

But, this is only for the truths you embrace and resonate with. You have free will, so we cannot influence you without your consent! You have the power over your reality!

In this book we ask you, in your own way, to explore and own your sacred sexuality, body, emotions, and soul. We ask that you dive in and explore the many depths of your sacred waters and the vastness, spaciousness, and flow of your inner ocean. This is what we wish for you. We wish you to be fully empowered, free, and liberated. We wish you all the best. It all starts within You. May your journey through your inner realms and your inner landscapes be prosperous and flowing!

Please, be loving, kind, and patient with yourself in your exploration! Stay open in both mind and heart.


With love & curiosity, Tora Zophia and Ulrika, 2020



Our Journeys

Tora Zophia


When my individual voice arose in an asking to be born within the still no-thing of Sophia´s womb, it was heard by the angelic witness as the ecstasy of the rose opening in the morning sunlight, baptized by the dew of a new dawn.

– Kaia Ra[i]


For as long as I can remember, I have felt like an alien on this planet. I never felt I fitted in but would observe people while trying to figure out the “game of life” they played. I never really could play this game. It seemed quite strange and f*cked up. As a child, I would watch the stars at night with a fierce longing to go home.

When I started to reconnect with my alien parts, my Arcturian lifetimes, and my galactic counsel, my sense of wholeness and the meaning of life increased. I also then realized why I had had such an ambivalent relationship with my sexuality and “earthly” desires for so long. These were human drives that didn’t exist in the higher dimensional planes. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these desires, but they were often “alien” to me, and just plain confusing.

I had these desires but didn’t know what to do with them, so to speak. So to say it bluntly, my perception of my human aspects and physical, earthly desires were a bit f*cked up. But understanding who I was, and daring to stop pretending that I was a “normal” human being, made my life more joyful, and I became more at ease with life in the physical realm. Someone even told me after not seeing me in over a year, “I have never seen you so whole before,” which might not be the most common comment you get on daily basis! However, when we expand our perception in this lifetime, from a 3D reality into an exploration of the possibility of other realities, universes, dimensions, and lifetimes, we can start enjoy the ride here on Earth. We can then feel that we were the one who decided to be here at this time on Earth. That this is our life, our decision, and therefore, we have the power to make the best out of it.

One of the main issues today is probably the illusion of isolation, separation, and disconnection from ourselves, each other, Mother Earth, Source. and so on. We worry, and we feel alone and lost among others. That is because we are not fully connected with our bodies or our higher selves. We have turned off our connection to ourselves and therefore turned off our connection to others. We have turned off the flow of the sacred waters within, and we have shut down our inner fires that are responsible for burning down what no longer serves us.

We truly connect with people who are open and who dare to be vulnerable. But since more and more people have closed down their hearts and connections to their higher selves, we don’t feel, so we don’t connect with others. We feel lonely even in our relationships. Our relationships become dry and boring. They become all about surviving another week in the Matrix. I know. I have been there. And in this book (and in my other books), you will learn more about my journey.

My journey is very different from Ulrika’s. I don’t have the same type of orgasms and water experiences that she has had. I am an alien who flies around in different dimensions and realities. I see things most other people don’t. And that is the perfection of it, isn’t it? We are all unique, we all come with our own gifts and experiences – and that is how we complement each other! There is no competition or need for comparison – there is only one multifaceted you! The time has come for us all to embrace each other and our differences and likeness, equally!

To embrace all of ourselves and be the masters of our own lives, we need to remember who we really are, including our connection to Source, nature, and everything. We can use tools such as cleansing our inner waters, aligning with nature, and honoring our sacred body temples though our sexuality and sensuality – thus reclaiming those sexual and holy aspects of ourselves that have been shamed and taboo for thousands of years. We can reclaim the feminine powers within both men and women. It is not about how we do it – it is about the willingness and curiosity to dive into it.

Even though this book might be more from women’s perspectives, this book is equally for men, since we all have masculine and feminine essences within us and have some kind of relationships with both sexes. We are all a bit f*cked up from living and relating to others as we all influence each other. But it is time to step up in our lives by changing our perspectives of how we relate to and treat each other, ourselves, and the planet. We don’t need to be fixed, but to remember who we really are. It is time to come out of the shadows and shine as never before. Glimmer and sparkle as the sun on the ocean. Alien or not, we are all weirdos who do our best with what we’ve got. We all do the best with what we have. But there is not one path to living our full potential. There is not a template to follow.

What has all this to do with Holy F*ck & Sacred Water? I guess what I am trying to say is that we, the authors, do our best to walk our talk. It is easy to make it sound all great. That we’ve got our shit together. That we are these masters or teachers who you should listen to. What I am saying is: We are, yet we don’t have all our shit together. We do our very best to live as we preach. We are still learning, unlearning, and become wiser every day! 😉 We expand and evolve! That is part of the joy of living and part of the soul’s evolution. Enjoy your magical journey through the Holy F*ck and Sacred Water!




Life sometimes takes you into troubled waters. Not to drown you, but to cleanse you.

 – Yvonne Nelson[ii]


It was early autumn 2017. I conducted an educational course in inner leadership for women who came from all over Sweden. We met for twelve intense hours once a month for nine months, in my studio. On this particular weekend we were to meet again and dive deeply into the sexual chakra – the second chakra with the water element – and our sensuality and sexuality. The whole week before our gathering, I was so moody, frustrated, restless, and extremely impatient with myself and others. I didn’t understand why I was in such a bad mood.

That weekend, during our sessions, and in the practice, I finally understood why I was so moody. It became very clear to me. I, as an empath, had simply felt all the women’s accumulated fears (in the course), which had manifested as a lot of intense feelings like those mentioned above. It also became clear to me that all the “juiciness,” all the natural flow of water in our sexual chakras was “dried up.” There was no water, or very little water left. The sacred inner well was drained, due to fears deep within the subconscious mind, and deeply hidden in the body. It was also drained because of the fiery emotions of frustration, restlessness, etc. that are expressions of the unconscious yet underdeveloped masculine programs, which exist in each and every one of us, regardless our gender.

The unconscious fiery programs of the masculine essence are so common in our western society. We even like them, encourage them, since these programs involve all this doing. This doing is an illusionary need, a program running in our subconscious mind that we experience as real. These programs are illusions that we uphold where we believe we have to perform, plan, and be constantly active. We are programmed to be effective and productive, competitive and comparative: “On the go, on the move,” physically or mentally, all the time.

We tend to live too much in the fiery yang masculine energy, and these unconscious programs are really harmful for all of us since they disrupt the natural inner balance between our fire and water elements. The intense fire of masculine “doing” burns out and depletes the water of feminine “being.” This is particularly harmful for women, since our physical constitution is more of the watery yin feminine energy.

Being in the masculine energy too much, and too often, leaves women “dry.” In fact, both men and women shut off, shut down, and shut out our “juiciness” and sexuality. We close down and suppress our inner flow, and many of us distance ourselves from our sexuality. Furthermore, this also means that we become low on flow and energy, since we disconnect from our life force, and become separated from life itself. In the long run, this leaves us burned out and depressed since the water in our bodies becomes dried out and doesn’t flow in its natural way.

I knew this already from my many years studying holistic disciplines and through my own inner journey, (which I wrote about in my autobiography 2:47 AM: The Journey Home To My Heart). But to really see this “drying-up,” experience it, and witness the actual result of all those subconscious fears in so many women at the same time, made things so obvious to me.

It was overwhelming when I saw, felt, and realized how it was all connected and entangled. I also knew in an instant that I wanted to be a part of changing these old programs that dry us out and cause all kinds of imbalances and disconnections. I see this as a vital key to make the world a more balanced and better place. This insight struck me like lightning. I wanted to guide and help all these women out there, and be a small part of the sexual and spiritual awakening happening globally by liberating and empowering women.

This new paradigm we are in is about to raise the collective consciousness. It is time now. Time to wake up and stop mistreating and abusing ourselves, others, and this beautiful planet we all live upon. When we are unbalanced, disconnected, and f*cked up we contribute to the mess in the world. It is time to wake up and deal with ourselves. We are the real threats to our environment, and even our own survival, by polluting the planet – especially her water. We need to wake the f*ck up and take radical responsibility for our lives. Now!

However, we cannot change anything if the change doesn’t start within. Within you. Within me. Within each and every one of us!

How can I possibly save the outer environment if I don’t deal with and face my own inner environment?

How can I make a change out there if the change itself isn’t anchored within me?

Like Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world!” It ALL starts within you. Me. Us. What change do you want to see, and be? I know what changes I want to see, and be. Our collective outer environment is just a mirror of our collective inner environment. The “shit” you see out there, the perception you have, is only visible to you, since it already exists within you. It is in your subconscious mind as accumulated stress and unresolved traumas.

The same day I got my insight with the group of women in the course, I contacted my teacher and said that I wanted to do even more for the women than I already was doing. Did she have a longer education session I could attend? She had just started up her project “Reclaim Your Priestesshood,” and I immediately signed up to study as a Priestess Dakini or sexual healer.

Two days after this insight that led me to sign up for my teacher’s project, all hell broke loose when the whole #metoo campaign started! I don’t know how it was in your country, but in Sweden it was huge. It was in the media everywhere. I personally don’t know any woman who hasn’t been sexually assaulted or harassed in some way, in various degrees. I won’t go into it too much; after all, this book is more about healing, clearing, and purifying our bodily sacred waters. Let me just say #metoo.





F*ck is a word with many meanings. We can be f*cked up, f*cked, f*ck´n bitches, and life can be f*ck’n good or bad, just to mention a few examples. We, the authors, believe we all are a bit be f*cked up. We were created through a f*ck (well, most of us). This could have been be a holy and magical f*ck or an abusive and traumatizing f*ck. We all have our f*cking shit, some are just better at hiding it than others. It is important to embrace all that f*ck’n shit instead of resisting it. Face it all. Transform it all.

The word f*ck itself carries sparkly energy codes of release and expansion. It is a very powerful word that has been distorted, overused, and underused! Many use it unconsciously without a conscious intention. We also judge ourselves and others if we use this word, or not use it – depending on the meaning we place on the word. In this book we use it consciously to reactivate these codes within you to release the old and spark the new.

There is a huge difference between what we do and who we are. Many judge and have opinions about people because of the actions we take. We give our actions an identity. We become what we do. When in reality we are so much more than our actions.

We have degrees, titles, labels – but they are not who we are. In other words, we can all do f*cked up things, but these things are not who we really are. We were created from a holy f*ck, and we do f*cked up things.

We are really here to be “unfuckwithable” – empowered – living as and in our own power. The whole world looks kind of f*cked up at the moment, so we, the authors, have come to put it right, together. To remind people of the sacredness and holiness of everyone and everything. That is how we are connected through a holy f*ck and co-create peace on Earth.

This next Golden-age cycle will be launched by sacred/divine feminine leaders. These leaders will radically embody the wisdom from their own authentic healing journeys, achieved through their willingness to stand in vulnerable openness, rawness, and transparency. From the darkness of the shadows, they will have moved through the necessary stages of grief and pain to release victimhood, trauma, and suffering. From there they are reborn as the divine feminine leaders of infinite power.

We want to make it clear that when we speak of the dark in this book, this is not necessarily the same as evil. Darkness is often misunderstood as something bad that we need to get rid of or avoid. From our perspective, dark is a polarity to light, in its pure essence and form, and there are at least three different types of darkness:

  1. The black void, black matter of infinite potential waiting to be manifested.
  2. The shadow. The shadow can be unconscious OR conscious darkness. We all have unconscious shadows that we need to shed light upon to release their power over us and to liberate ourselves. The unconscious shadows are illusionary beliefs that are caused by resistance and programming.
  3. The conscious darkness. This is what many would call evil and satanic energies. Conscious darkness includes control, dominance, superiority, enslavement, manipulation, and dark hidden agendas.

Thus, these three types of darkness are very different.

Shadows are the sides of us that we don’t want to accept or see in ourselves. In psychotherapy they are called the “repressed unconscious” – we have pressed, suppressed, or pushed them out of our awareness. However, we do often see them in others. What we don’t like in other people is often a reflection of our own unconscious shadows.

We mention Cabal, Illuminati, new world order, Satanism, and other so-called “conspiracy theories” in this book. They are examples of what we call the conscious darkness. If you look in a dictionary of what the definition of a cabal is, it is a “conspiracy theory about the existence of an international cabal devoted to world domination.”[iii] The Cabal we refer to is an elitist group who are interested in a one-world order – where humans are enslaved and their free will is removed. To simplify, we will use term Cabal to represent this – even if there are subgroups within these conscious dark groups. Parts of the Cabal are Satanists. But not all. However, those who are consciously evil, who rape, torture, drink human blood, and engage in other nasty stuff – they work with the conscious darkness from our perspective.

The unconscious darkness is what Richard Rudd[iv] – who wrote Gene Keys – explains as the shadow that emerged from an ancient wiring in the human brain. Such wiring is based on individual survival and is linked directly to fear. The unconscious presence of fear in our system continues to enhance our belief that we are separate from the world around us. This deep-seated belief propagates a “victim” mentality since the moment we believe we are separate, we feel vulnerable and at the mercy of outside forces. We blame forces and people that we believe are outside of us, and we feel shame when we believe we alone are responsible for our lives. Simply by shifting our attitude, we can release the creative currents hidden within the shadow and our lives take on a higher purpose. Our suffering becomes the source of our salvation, superpower, and genius. Basically it comes down to:

Do you want to own your shadow, or be owned by it?

We can own our shadow when we become aware of our repressed unconscious drives, stories, feelings, needs, and potentials. From there we can become free to choose. When the shadow owns us, we spend tons of energy trying to hide our repressed aspects, both from ourselves and others. Therefore, we cannot choose how to feel about them either. The point is: The more we reject and hide the behaviors, drives, and desires that we’ve been programmed to believe are bad, wrong, and negative, the more the shadow will increase and dominate us.

Shadows are like magnets – the more we unconsciously reject them the more people will be drawn to us to trigger that aspect. These people will force us to take a closer look at ourselves. Let us together bring back all of ourselves – the innate pure light and dark – and reclaim our innate sacred power and our divine leadership. We are the ones we have been waiting for.

We who embark on this journey do our best to follow our bliss. When we do this, synchronicities occur, opportunities appear, and life seems to flow with grace and ease. We find the sacredness in our lives. We do not let it be sullied by others or be used in a profane way. This includes our own sacred vehicles – our body temple – the Merkaba. We appreciate, value, love, and care for ourselves and all living beings as a divine manifestation. Therefore, we are empowered, free, and at peace. We are our own masters and see others as such as well.

This book has not been written to give you the way to self-mastery because you are unique, so your way is also unique. As the authors, together we explore and play with different ways, perspectives, and stories. There is no one-way fits all. That would remove the whole point of life! But you do not have to walk through life alone as you explore it. Be like an innocent child again, playing with different costumes. We try things on and if they don’t resonate, we pick a new one. That is what we are here for. There is only one you. Together we can find out who you really are in your most genuine and genius version.

We are a new generation of divine human beings incarnated on Earth at this time. We are called by many names: star seeds, lightworkers, darkworkers, indigo, crystal, and rainbow children, or warriors. Born into the new, we bring and birth the new.

We ignite and create the new. We manifest the new Golden age from within by reactivating new crystal and diamond DNA coming from Earth’s Global Grid. By renewing and purifying our inner sacred water, we expand into our highest potential. We are all children of this new time, and it is a great honor to be so. We are committed to living our highest potential and together we reactivate those potentials in others.

The sacred feminine power number of 13 has been suppressed for thousands of years. In 2019, the spark that gave rise to Holy F*ck and Sacred Water was ignited as a co-creation. At the same time, we entered a new 13 000-year cycle, as well as a new 13-year cycle of sacred feminine power. There are 13 zodiac signs that now have been acknowledged, and 13 cycles of the moon in a lunar year. That is why women have 13 cycles in a year and ovulate on the 13th day (which you can read more about in the chapter about natural cycles). Mary Magdalene was the 13th apostle of Jesus.

We are here to bring down – descend – the matter of the light, the infinite potential of the dark, and the wisdom from Source, to Earth and humanity. We bring Heaven down to Earth. Down through our bodies and into our sacred waters, for it to become embodied wisdom. We are all receivers and transmitters – the igniters – of the highest energies as awakened and ascended beings. Being attracted to this path means we have done a lot of clearings, healings, and awakenings – we are “woke.” Now we take our awakening journey to the next level. We are committed to walking our talk, and we live what we teach. We are ready to live our fullest potential as masters and leaders of our own lives. We do not save others; we change the world from within ourselves.

Small changes in our inner and outer realms have a big impact on our individual lives and the collective life on Earth. When we hear about all the crap that happens in the world, we tend to “lose” our energy and feel quite overwhelmed. “Why even bother?” we ask ourselves. If we recycle, but the industries are still dumping all their chemicals and toxins into the ground and water, how will our few bottles and cans make a difference? We totally get that, but what we also know is that when more and more people raise their consciousness and take radical responsibility for their own garbage (both internally and externally) – things change globally. We cannot wait for others to clean up our own shit.

To master energies, we must take radical responsibility. We must remember, know, embody, and relax into the vibrations of different energies without judgments and/or resistance. That way we can experience our wholeness and holiness. This book is not about perfection – it is about the commitment and willingness to be on a playful and curious soul path toward living our unique highest potential – no matter what this looks like. We are worthy of an extraordinary life in the process, not only when we see it as “perfect.”

Why do we have a desire to live from our true potential? There are many, many reasons, but the primary and fundamental reason is that we were born to shine at our brightest. This brightness is our birthright and our innate nature. It is not so much how we shine, but that we shine in our own unique way, because that is who we are.

The main problem is that our light dims over and over again as it is layered with more and more programs and conditioning, until we forget who we are. Dimmed lights are the effects from programs throughout history from society, family, school, and collective consciousness, etc. There are even programs affecting us from the universe and the earth’s purpose in the bigger picture. How much we shine will be filtered through all these layers. The time has come to remove those programs and filters and step into our full potential, power, and unique genius.

How can we ignite our unique true potential in our everyday life? We can:

  • Reactivate, ignite, and optimize our DNA, our brains, and our cells.
  • Create a safe space for us to explore and be curious about life.
  • Use the knowledge and fiery passion that we have and expand our consciousness.
  • Trust the natural and innate way of evolving and moving through life.
  • Learn how to use the guidance systems within and around us to find our truth and power.
  • Clear, purify, and replenish our inner waters – our inner well.
  • Be like and flow like water.

When we do this, we create clarity, flow, and empowerment for us to trust not only ourselves but what is for the highest good.

The natural way of growth and expansion is to follow our curiosity and explore from there. In other words, when we follow our curiosity, passion, and joy, we approach life in an abundant and exciting way. Unfortunately, society often undermines the power of curiosity and suppresses this innate passion from an early age.

Suppressing curiosity, passion, and joy creates limitation, fear, and lack perspectives, which put blocks and rocks in the natural flowing river of expansion. These preprogrammed perspectives and blocks have run for thousands of years.

 Programs of self-doubt, lack of confidence and trust in ourselves, others, and the universe have dominated globally. These qualities represent the extreme polarities of love versus fear, and we experience all the shades in between. Both polarities are necessary. They depend on context and what we want to achieve. If we are always content and within our comfort zone, no or little growth is ignited.

Fear can be a trampoline to jump from unconsciousness into consciousness, and into love.

We will now explain how we see that everything and everyone is connected. We will connect new dots for you. For you to understand our train of thought, we will not do as most authors do and build up our arguments and at the end come up with the answer. We do things the other way around. Over the course of the book, we will explain and come up with numerous of examples to reinforce our statements about creation and how everything is connected. It might feel a bit “heavy” at first to understand the basics of creation, DNA and hormones, etc. before we can bring them into more practical and experiential stories. Stay with us and let us dive…



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