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3 Your Cells and DNA

Your Cells and DNA


Our cells are the result of a holy f*ck, and they contain different elements. They simultaneously receive and transmit. They are like a macro cosmos in a micro perspective. After the holy f*ck, this one cell emerged and duplicated itself into creating a new human being.

At a macro perspective, geometric proportions of the Global Grid surrounding Earth are encoded within the DNA and the central nervous system. The Global Grid is reweaving and healing itself and with this, the planetary frequencies rise (described later in the Schumann resonance chapter). These changes are mirrored in our DNA. We are being reactivated. We can reconnect with increased abilities to self-heal and raise our frequencies. As the Earth evolves, humanity will evolve with her, from the 3rd dimensional reality into a 12-strand crystalline DNA system of 5th dimensional consciousness. This crystalline Global Grid is already fully formed and available for us. From there we will evolve to a 22-strand (up to 48-strand depending on our blueprint) diamond DNA system of 7th dimensional consciousness. This 22-strand system is weaved by the Global Grid in this time and will then transmit to our cells and our DNA.

At a micro perspective, scientists have come up with an estimated number of 37.2 trillion cells in a human body.[i] Cells come in different sizes, and they grow in different densities. Each cell’s “job” is to listen, respond, and communicate. Cells listen to the environment through molecular antennae embedded in their cellular membrane. They interpret the signals and relay the corresponding instructions to our DNA. Within each cell center there are double helix-shaped DNA strands, which respond to the signals from the cell membrane and activate the necessary machinery within each cell. These two strands of nucleotides are also the foundation of the yin and yang.

Additionally, we can see that even in the DNA structure there are symbols of the feminine (the spiraling shape) and the masculine (the ladder-like shape) essences. The molecular switches in our cells tell our DNA which genes to switch on and off. DNA is like the captain on a ship. The captain relays the information from the lookouts (membrane) and then gives the orders to the “machinery workers” in the engine room (cytoplasm) of the cell.[ii]

This means that it is not IF our genes are activated that creates the difference, it is HOW those genes are activated, or expressed. A single gene can be activated in different ways and to different degrees to do different things.

This activation pattern is what creates the difference between humans and, for instance, a house cat, with which we share a 90% genetic similarity, as explained by Gregg Braden in Human by Design.[iii]

As a salt, DNA is a natural conductor of electricity and is extremely sensitive to electromagnetic waves. The slightest mood swings, thoughts, beliefs, and general attitudes will generate a subtle electromagnetic current throughout our body and stir our DNA into response – literally molding our bodies. Everything in our life from food, people, emotions, environment, thoughts etc. determines how our DNA is activated via the cellular membrane.[iv]

This is why we speak of “reactivations” as these are rewirings of our current connections, not new activations. In other words, when we have frozen emotions, they are wired in a way that affects the DNA. They in turn affect the flow of the connections and communications into/out of the cell as well as within the cell itself.

DNA attracts photons that spiral along the double helix of our DNA strands. They weave light around themselves. In other words, light unwinds the low frequencies. When our DNA starts to absorb the attracted photons (light) coming from frequencies that vibrate at a faster rate, it will trigger our endocrine system to secrete certain hormones. Hormones such as pinoline, harmine, and melatonin increase brain functioning, and we experience more uplifting emotions and freedom.[v]

There have been a lot of discussions of “junk DNA” in the scientific world. The junk DNA – that now has been recognized as “non activated”[vi] – holds the collective memory patterns of the past.

Before we can reactivate our true potential, we have to purge those genetic memories. The way to do that is to hold higher frequencies in our bodies – higher as in a faster-vibrating rate. The downside is that the higher the frequency we hold the deeper the surfacing of our shadows and fears from our ancestral past.

Do not fear; this is only until our cells are accustomed to these higher frequencies. Our bodies then open up to higher natural cosmic laws, which we will then embody. Our bodies will then have a higher absorption of photons (light particles) and be more relaxed. When we generate a high enough frequency to continually feed off our own electromagnetic field, we no longer are drawn back into lower frequencies – no more than for brief moments.

Our DNA co-creates our body via our attitudes, which are transported through our inner water. Attitudes have different vibrational frequencies and determine the nature of signals to our DNA.

For instance, if we feel bad about our body, our frequency vibrates at a lower rate than if we feel happy about it. Our attitude about our body sends different signals to our DNA. That in turn sends out signals to “machinery workers” measured in electromagnetic currents that attract and absorb more or less photons.[vii] Our body will literally shape itself to the vibration of the signals it receives.

This means that we can re-envision and recreate our lives – and only our imagination stands in our way. When we reinforce a thought with an emotion – we send a stronger signal to our cells, and our DNA then responds accordingly. To summarize the complicated connections in a simpler way:

  1. Our attitudes toward the environment affect the signals sent to the cell membrane.
  2. The cell membrane then sends messages to our DNA.
  3. DNA then sends out a response to the cytoplasm and systems.
  4. These responses then affect the neurotransmitters and hormonal systems.
  5. These systems affect our behavior.


This means that if we want to behave differently, we need to change our attitudes toward life. Our perspectives of life create our reality. This is the key to living an empowered, liberated, and flowing life.

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