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2 Holy Sexuality – Holy F*ck



Holy Sexuality – Holy F*ck


The life-creating sexual force is a holy union that starts within oneself. It is a sacred union. A deep connection that we also might share with somebody else if we choose to. For example: The sperm that enters from a loving Lingam, connecting with the egg in the sacred Yoni, ignites a spark of light. This connection, this f*ck, is the moment of illumination. An enlightenment occurs, almost like a very small “firework.” This spark, this illumination, is the creation of life. We can see this in every aspect of life. From our inner micro cosmos – by observing our neurons transmitting information between each other, or “firing up” – to Big Bangs out in space and material being manifested from black matter in the universe.

Scientists have even managed to document the moment when life is created with photos. Life sparks when the egg and sperm connect – creating the primary cell – as a flash of light. So, for us, sacred sexuality is the co-creation of new life. The life-force spark behind all life. The creator of all life! Whether you choose to call it kundalini, life force, life energy, creation, chi, prana, or whatever. Sacred sexuality can also be used as a tool, like a gateway to our soul, a highway, a stargate to Heaven.

A holy f*ck is the union of the fertile dark feminine force connected with and penetrated by the focused light of the masculine. The dark feminine, which carries the codes of life, is sparked through Source and created as matter in union with the light from the masculine. It is a holy trinity with Source in the polarities of the dark feminine and the light masculine. A divine dance of love. Basically, the holy f*ck originated from Source as the power of the God and Goddess that lives, dwells, and thrives within each and every one of us!

It is the universal force, the power behind all creation. The same power that enables us to create whatever we want! To create life itself, to proliferate, and reproduce ourselves. It is “God,” not in the religious sense, although its powers really are magical, living within us, as us. We are a part of God, this universal creative life force. Because of this, we are all creators. We are the creators of our lives and all of its different expressions. The most beautiful pieces of art and the most exquisite music you can think of come from this creative energy, the ability to create. It is an expression of love. It is in our cells. It is in our DNA. It is who we are.


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