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1 The Creation of All

PART 1 Holy F*ck




The Creation of All


When in the height heaven was not named, And the earth beneath did not yet bear a name, And the primeval Apsu, who begat them, And chaos, Tiamut, was the mother of them both. Their waters were mingled together. And no field was formed, no marsh was to be seen; When of the gods none had been called into being, And none bore a name, and no destinies were ordained; Then were created the gods in the midst of Heaven, Lahmu and Lahamu were called into being…

  • Sumerian Creation story[i]


On the Sumerian creation clay tablets created around 5000 BC, it is said that the Anunnaki Gods from the Sky (from the planet Niburu) came to Earth to harvest our gold as they needed it to save their planet. They didn’t want to do the hard work themselves and decided to create slaves to mine the gold for them. They took clay from the earth, and Enki (the son of the “king”) penetrated it with his own DNA (against his brothers’ will – but that is another story), and from this God-spark, human beings were created. As slaves, we could add. Either way, if there is any truth to this story or not, we can see the same type of creation stories throughout history and all religions, just in different shapes and forms.[ii],[iii]

“You have slaughtered a god together.

With his personality.

I have removed your heavy work

I have imposed your toil on man.

In the clay, god and man

Shall be bound,

To a unity brought together;

So that to the end of days

The Flesh and the Soul

Which in a god have ripened –

That soul in a blood-kinship be bound.” [iv]


The Sumerian tablet basically says: We were created by God as Gods – merged from Mother Earth (clay) and Father Sky (Gods from the sky/aliens). Our flesh and soul are united and connected through our blood.

To go even further back in history: All creation is manifested from something. Everything and everyone in life is pure energy from Source – manifested through light, sounds, and symbols. Source is everything and nothing – pure potential and consciousness. All of life and all creations are energy that began with a spark, an ignition of pure consciousness.

The infinite potential of the pure dark or the void, space, black hole, nothingness is penetrated by light with different frequencies. The moment before these forces meet, a light spark is ignited in both fields. These light sparks create a magnetic field that enables an attraction to each other. This attraction ignites a new illuminated manifested creation. We see this awakened and sacred connection between the light and the dark as a sacred union.

From a human-creation perspective, the sacred union is when semen connects with an egg and ignites a spark that creates and produces a baby. In the dark womb, this ignition, this spark, illuminates the womb and creation occurs. This is pure life force. The essence of life. The force behind all living things. It is an act of God or Source, or whatever you want to call it. It is creation itself. It comes from Source.

The Big Bang can be also be explained and understood from this perspective: There was the black void in empty space when a light-spark of consciousness ignited energy and created life and our galaxies. Through the sacred union of pure potential and the conscious spark, everything materialized as energy. This energy manifested in some shape or form as the Global Grid of light. This Global Grid provides us with the technology we need to evolve and advance as humans. We absorb the technology of the grid through sound, geometry, symbols and mathematics, within which are codes to obtain universal knowledge. This knowledge is revealed through language, words and sound.

The polarities of the manifested sacred union are seen for instance in the yin and yang symbol. The feminine dark essences of yin and the masculine light essences of yang connect into complete oneness, wholeness, and holiness. Yin and yang are already manifested matter, coming from the pure potential of Source.

Yin and yang are the two components from which everything in the universe is manifested.

These two polarizing forces always exist side by side, and within each other. They are each other’s opposites and at the same time are interacting forces. One cannot exist without the other. Yang, the masculine essence, is associated with the sun, and it moves in the body upwards through the meridians, in an ascending flow. Yin, the feminine essence, is associated with the moon, and it moves downwards, in a descending flow. Men and women, regardless of gender, have both yin and yang qualities. We as human beings define ourselves through comparison and contrast. To experience white, we have black. To experience light, we have darkness. To experience unconditional love, we can choose to release and transform conditioned fears. For millions of years we have lived in fear, separation, and imbalance from not experiencing our connection to Source.

However, we are always connected to Source – it is our perceptions that cause us to experience separation.

According to the Mayans, 2012 was when we entered a time where we could reclaim the experience of the sacred union – when we could reconnect with oneness, holiness, and unity. Before 2012, it was a time where the masculine energy dominated and feminine energy was suppressed.[v] The year of 2012 – the end of the Mayan Calendar – was said to be:

Then it shall be ready. The unique moment. The moment of total planetary synchronization, on the beam, will arrive – the closing out not only of the Great Cycle, but of the evolutionary interim called Homo Sapiens. Amidst festive preparations and awesome galactic-solar signs psychically received, the human race, in harmony with the animal and other kingdoms and taking its rightful place in the electromagnetic sea, will unify as a single circuit. Solar and galactic sound transmissions will inundate the planetary field. At last, the Earth will be ready for the emergence into the inter-planetary civilization.

  • Jose Argüelles[vi]


This means that 2012 was not end of the world – but of the Homo sapiens. This time in history made way for the rising of a new humanity: the divine human. Sacred human. The union of the polarities. A rebalance and reconnecting of everything and everyone. Sacred union. Or as we love to call it – the holy f*ck.

Sacred union is for us the same as sacred sexuality. Sacred sexuality is a symbol of the holy f*ck. For instance, when rain falls from the sky, it penetrates the earth. Rain ignites life into the dry seed and enables the seed to grow through the hardest of concrete. This seed of life is part of the creation cycle through the sacred union. It is like cosmic sex of all creation between Heaven and Earth. Everything originates from this connection to sacred sexuality – it is within us, around us, in nature, in the cosmos. The circle of creation consists of the polarities of light (life & creation) and dark (destruction & death). Something has to “die” for something new to be reborn. Although energy never really dies; it just takes different forms and shapes. It moves from form to the formless, back into a new form. We should no longer fear the feminine darkness and only celebrate the masculine light for we are all both. Sacred union is, in other words, God/Creation manifested, or a “holy f*ck.”

The Earth and our universe are structured and organized by an intelligent geometric pattern of crystalline frequencies called the Global Grid. It is a grid of light, like a large chakra system, intersecting at specific points within and around the planet and cosmos. It sustains life force, the balance, the holographic nature of our physical existence that enables us to live within this reality. The electromagnetic energies that resonate from the holy f*ck connections from this Global Grid are absorbed into the energetic system of the body.

The sacred union – holy f*ck – has an electromagnetic energy field surrounding it. Energy is meant to always move, change, flow, transform, and is impermanent in its very existence. Anicca is the Sanskrit word for impermanence. Energy is a conductor and moves as electricity – like the battery with its polarities – enabling the spark to ignite and unite into new energy forms.

The movement of energy creates a magnetic field around an electrical circuit in an 8 shape or infinity sign. These circuits, cycles, and polarities can be seen everywhere in nature. We see them in our breath, day and night, love and fear, men and women, and in our magnetic fields surrounding us and the planet.

As energy is forever changing, we find it interesting that human beings have so much resistance to change and want to hold on to things. From our perspective, this is what creates blocks and non-flow in our systems as energetic beings. Distortions, programs, and pollutions make us experience things within a system – a planet, physical body, etc. – in a certain way.

Distortions block the flow of energy.

A system can only translate the light and sound waves that can be filtered through that system’s distortions. There are other light and sound waves available but the distortions block the awareness of them. These filters are the reason we all have our unique way of perceiving and experiencing the life, light, and sound “unique” to us. As energy creates a magnetic field of an electrical circuit around all matter, we are like big antennas.

We receive and transmit energy all the time, consciously and/or unconsciously.

When we transmit by focusing our energy onto something or someone else, we affect the receiver – for better or worse. If we consciously focus an intention of healing, it simply occurs. Healing happens when energy flows freely. When we observe energy, it changes form and vibration. Our physical body has an electromagnetic body, which extends beyond the physical and can be easily measured. This electromagnetic body can be felt across the world and allows us to feel friends thousands of miles away. Our energy bodies are, in other words, globally connected.

Depending on how fast a light frequency vibrates, a sound comes with it. Most of these sounds are out of our human range of hearing. The sound vibrates the photons (light) into a certain pattern – a symbol. We as human beings then take these manifested symbols of matter that we can see – or not – and give a meaning to them. We can interpret these symbols as we like – because we have free will. That means we are the ones who create our own reality.

By changing the meaning and perception of the symbols and sounds we see and hear, we experience a new reality around us. When we change the meaning of a symbol, we also add a frequency to it – changing the whole molecular structure of the thing we observe and thereby our experience of it. Things need to be witnessed to go from formless into form. So if we observe a thought – depending on the meaning we give to the thought – it will vibrate in a certain pattern. Everything we think, feel, see, and experience is energy both in our inner and outer realms. Every thought creates a spark in our neurons, where an ignition, an illumination, occurs.

This creates a feeling, an emotion, and from this emotion we take different kinds of actions. Everything we see and experience in the outer realms once started as a thought. Energy in motion, that is – emotions – are meant to move, to be free, freely expressed and transformed into something else. When emotions don’t move and are not expressed freely, they become “frozen.” This is merely stagnated energy, stagnated movement, creating non-flow in our inner realms, reflected also in our outer reality (emotions will be discussed later in the book).

Our emotions are our inner guidance, our inner GPS. Listen to the information they provide. We must feel and allow the free flow of our emotions. They know more than we think! They will guide us through life.

According to Quantum physics[vii] our human bodies are made of pure energy, with particles constantly moving at high speed. From a yogic perspective[viii] our bodies also contain the same elements as our outer reality. Elements such as earth, water, fire, air, and ether. They all are responsible for different things and various tasks within the body and all depend on, complete, and balance each other. We all have these different elements represented in our bodies, in a unique combination for each and every one of us as our bodily constitutions (doshas from an Ayurvedic perspective[ix]).

These elements also come in various polarities, like feminine and masculine. With water for instance, the quality of the water is feminine and associated with sensitivity, sensuality, sexuality, life force, creation, flow, etc. But the direction, the movement, could be described as masculine. Fire is usually associated with the sun and the masculine essence, but there are also feminine aspects to fire like passion, compassion, caring, and nurturing. The feminine aspect of fire could be the image of a dragon protecting its nest and children with its fire. Gaia or Mother Earth´s very core contains the red, warm, slow-moving, and rotating magma, which is also associated with the feminine.

This is our perspective on how everything is connected, represented by holy f*cks and sacred water in all their different shapes and forms.



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