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Vad är/ What is heart coherence?

Vad är/ What is heart coherence?


Denna vecka går Pam från Wholyland in på vad “heart coherence” är. Varför är det viktigt i våra liv? Särskilt i dessa dagar?

Coherence handlar om balans och hur saker hänger ihop på ett naturligt sätt.

När vi lever i rädsla blir vårt energifält mindre och mindre harmoniskt än om vi lever i kärlek och lugn. Inte så lätt i dessa dagar!!

Att andas djupa andetag kan vara tillräckligt för att komma in i heart coherence! Vi måste ta ansvar för vår hälsa, ro och harmoni – för världen utanför kommer inte göra det för oss – det är säkert!

Njut av vår goda väninna och Health Genie Pam Lobs fina artikel om heart coherence!

Vi klarar detta!!!

Massor av kärlek till er alla från de unfuckwithable

Tora och Ulrika




What is ‘coherence’?

Coherence comes from the Latin world meaning ‘stick together.

“Coherence – The situation when the parts of something fit together in a natural or reasonable way.” Cambridge Dictionary 

Great examples in nature of coherence are when a shoal of fish or a murmuration of birds, or a migration of birds where they are all moving together as one – in other words they stick together.

Nature left to its own devices will come back into balance and coherence given time even after cataclysmic events such as the huge bush fires Australia and California have experienced this year.







On a personal level coherence can be seen in every cell of our bodies as they are all connected in some shape of form.  Our lives are also interconnected with our bodies and others around us.  When every aspect is working harmoniously, we are in balance with optimal health. Our relationships are peaceful and harmonious. We are in ‘coherence’. But due to the pressures of modern life it is becoming rarer and rarer to be in coherence and flow.

Our bodies given the right environment physically and mentally, good nutrition and rest can also heal and comeback to balance and coherence from serious illness, or traumatic event.

Heart Coherence

A good way to support our bodies and our planet is practising heart coherence

At school many of us were taught that it’s the brain that controls the body, when in reality our heart and our guts send more signals to the brain than vice versa.

Research has shown that our “heart signals have a significant effect on brain function—influencing emotional processing as well as higher cognitive faculties such as attention, perception, memory, and problem-solving. In other words, not only does the heart respond to the brain, but the brain continuously responds to the heart.”

When we are stressed, anxious or are experiencing an emotion as negative our heart rhythm becomes erratic and as it communicates with the brain, it inhibits cognitive function. Thisleads to lack of clarity, focus and inability to make clear and effective decisions, which can result in impulsive or inappropriate decisions.In contrast when the brain and heart are in coherence we have clarity, focus and flow. Intelligence and learning expands and intuition is readily available.

Coherence Practice

To come into heart coherence takes practice, but is well worth mastering.

  • Sit quietly and breath slowly, deeply and evenly with the focus on breathing into your heart.
  • Find a rhythm which is comfortable and sustainable.
  • Allow thoughts of love and gratitude.
  • You may just want to focus on an image of a loved one or pet. 
  • Continue for at least 5 minutes.
  • Then be aware of how you feel after?

If you experience calm and peaceful once you have practiced this a few times, you know that you have come into heart coherence. If you take a pause and check into your body and feel stressed, overwhelmed, fear, frustration etc you are most likely not in heart coherence. Repeat the practice frequently throughout your day and notice the shift.

Your health, mental clarity will benefit and those around you will be grateful as they will also feel the love and peace emanating from you.   

Global Coherence

As the electromagnetic energy of our heart is so strong, way stronger than our brains, it effects those around us. It is this energy that connects us to another, and can also influence the emotions of those around us. Coherence occurs when we are all focusing on the same thing as in prayer, or are in harmony with the earths natural magnetic energy – the Schumann Resonance.

Right now there is a lot of negativity and fear spread by the media and governments.
When we come into coherence and focus on love, peace and compassion it has a positive effect on those around us and the collective intention for a world where we can all be free and thrive. The more of us that can hold this energy the better our world will become.

The Global Coherence Initiative is a science-based, co-creative project to unite people in heart-focused love and intention, to facilitate the shift in global consciousness from instability and discord to compassionate care, cooperation and increasing peace.

Want to learn more about ‘coherence’?
Come and join us in Wholyland where together we can co-create freedom, personal and spiritual growth, plus the world we want for ours and our childrens future.

Also listen to the Live the Impossible Show episode Back to Coherence with Beate Heinkel


Enjoy in joy
Pam Lob on behalf of
Wholyland Council

Vad är Wholyland? /What is Wholyland?

Vad är Wholyland? /What is Wholyland?

Svensk summering:

Wholyland är en medlemskapsplattform och Live the Impossible Show är en podcast där vi “vågar vara annorlunda”. Vi uppfinner till och med nya ord och nya verkligheter eftersom energin i många ord har medvetet förvrängts genom århundradena. En del av vårt uppdrag är att samskapa en ny verklighet där vi alla kan trivas och leva vårt fulla potential.

Här kommer lite bakgrundsinfo som börjar med vad Live the Impossible show är och går sedan vidare till Wholyland.



Wholyland is a ‘memberhood’ site and Live the Impossible Show a podcast where we ‘dare to be different’.

We even invent new words and new realities as the energy of many words and worlds has been hijacked and distorted over the centuries.

Part of our mission is to co-create a new reality where we can all thrive and step into our genius.

Live the Impossible Show

Live the Impossible Show is a successful podcast that went live in April 2020 and have now done 118 episodes. We have listeners in 89 countries and have been in 25 different country podcast charts consistently since launch.

We cover a wide range of topics to inspire our listeners to dare to be different and to do what some deem to be impossible.

We started with a chatfest with 31 amazing guests from all around the world, covering all types of topics including health, business, leadership, spirituality, personal growth, travel and culture. We then went into themes which have included: sacred sexuality, get creative, wholeness, freedom and our present theme is coherence.

Dare to be different

We dare to be different and are not constrained by how ‘experts’ say things should done and we are not afraid to speak out and explore topics deemed as conspiracy theories, taboo or uncomfortable.

We do not claim to have any answers we ask the questions, seek knowledge and explore different perspectives so we each can find our unique truths.

We believe in the freedom of speech and everyones voice should be heard. We do not need to agree, but have respect and to stay open on others opinions.

As we talked to people around the world, there was a collective longing to come together in a community with like minded and heart centred leaders. Leaders for us are not necessarily experts or CEO’s but are individuals who take responsibility for their life and its creation. We also had held this vision for many years and with the chaos of 2020 unfolding it was time to step up and to co-create the world we want to see rather than being victims to external circumstances and others agenda’s. A physical place was not able to be manifested at this time, so we’ve started with the virtual world of Wholyland a memberhood site led by a council with input from all members as we co-create our dream for the future.


Wholyland  is where cutting edge pioneers and heart centred visionary leaders come together to organically grow. A place where we all can thrive and be free.We aim to empower and inspire as we come together to take action and co-create the global sovereign and wholesome Nation, we want to see. It’s a space where wholeness and holiness come together to create a safe and harmonious world.We work with universal laws, common law and divine consciousness for the wellbeing of all.

New Blog at Wholyland

On this blog we share wisdom and knowedge of our theme of the moon along with exciting updates from Live the Impossible Show on our guests and Wholyland specials.

Last moon we had the theme of ‘Freedom’ where we had guests such as David Icke, Sacha Stone, Cal Washington and Lorie Ladd.  Anjaliva from the Wholyland council did a free introduction followed by a deep dive on the Journey to Private Sovereignty.  All available on or through Wholyland.

This moons theme is Coherence and guests include Dr Andrew Kaufman, Ole Dammegaard, Laura Eisenhower and Brad Johnson who channels Adronis.

You can listen to the show on all major podcasts or watch it on Bitchute.


If you resonate with what we have shared here and are looking for a community where there is support and co-creation we would love to see you in Wholyland.  Memberships are from free to €33 a month. Read more… at 

Be Unfuckwithable,

Tora and Ulrika and the rest of Wholyland Council

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