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Slaveri idag/Modern day Slavery

Slaveri idag/Modern day Slavery

Svenska reflektioner

Vi har lärt att slaveri försvann på 1800-talet. Visst hör man ibland om sex slavar, childtrafficking och annat hemskt, men det handlar ju om andra – långt borta. Eller? Man räknar med att det finns 40 miljoner som blir behandlade som slavar idag!

Men en av de största hemligheterna är att över 95% av jordens befolkning värderas som slavar!

Hur? Vad? Vad säger ni?

Visste du att i det ögonblick du blir registrerad i folkregistret hos skatt (dem födda tidigare än -90-talet blev inskrivna i kyrkböckerna) ses du som en fiktiv person. Person betyder “roll” – och är inte levande. Det betyder att om du börjar göra lite research på nätet om ditt personnummer, är sannolikheten att du hittar någon som “äger dig” på aktiemarknaden, stor. Vårt stat är ett privat företag – precis som alla system. Polisen är också ett vinstbaserat företag. Vilka konsekvenser får det för vår frihet, säkerhet och liv?

De flesta människor vet ju såklart inte detta – så de flesta som är ansatta av staten gör du bara sitt jobb. Men hur hade vår värld sett ut om regering, stat och offentliga institutioner inte hade varit vinstbaserade? Att det faktiskt hade varit för folkets bästa?

Vi skriver också om detta moderna slaveri i boken “Holy F*ck and Sacred Water” och i vår nya kurs “Footsteps for Freedom” som börjar den 21 Mars 2021 kan du lära dig allt om detta ämne, men framför allt – hur du kan bli fri.

Vi har också skrivit lite om slavhistorien i en artikel från Wholyland som du kan läsa här under.

Kom ihåg, bara för de ser oss som slavar, betyder det inte att vi är det. Vår födselrätt är Frihet. De gör det för de kan som Dr. Phil ofta sa…

Be unfuckwithable, be free!

Tora & Ulrika


Modern Day Slavery

History suggests slavery disappeared with the abolition of slavery act in Great Britain on 28th August, 1833 and in the USA on December 18, 1865 with the adoption of the 13th amendment into the US Constitution. However, slavery does continue and it can be argued on many levels that we are all slaves to the system. The proposed Great Reset and one world government also looks like a form of slavery.

What is a slave?

Interestingly there is no consensus on a definition of slave or slavery.


“The slave was a species of property; thus, he belonged to someone else. In some society’s slaves were considered movable property, in others immovable property, like real estate. They were objects of the law, not its subjects. Thus, like an ox or an ax, the slave was not ordinarily held responsible for what he did. He was not personally liable for torts or contracts. The slave usually had few rights and always fewer than his owner, but there were not many societies in which he had absolutely none. As there are limits in most societies on the extent to which animals may be abused, so there were limits in most societies on how much a slave could be abused.”

“Slavery was a form of dependent labour performed by a nonfamily member. The slave was deprived of personal liberty and the right to move about geographically as he desired. There were likely to be limits on his capacity to make choices with regard to his occupation and sexual partners as well. Slavery was usually, but not always, involuntary.”

It could also be argued that many women were slaves in marriage. Many marriages were arranged and women had very little say in the transaction. They were deemed until fairly recently – and is still the case in some countries – to be the property of the husband.  Women had (and have) few if any rights in their own right.  It was only in 2018 that women in Saudi Arabia were allowed to drive and 2015 to vote. It is a tradition still today, in many countries, for the father to give away their daughters in marriage as a remain of this tradition of women as property.


Modern day slavery

Many believe that slavery is a thing of the past. Yet, right now there are estimated to be 40 million people who can be found in every country of the world who are being treated as slaves. Many of them are women or children. The large number of immigrants from war torn countries or countries with oppressive regimes are the ones frequently exploited. They move for a better life, yet they may have a better and freer life staying at home.

“Modern slavery is the severe exploitation of other people for personal or commercial gain. Modern slavery is all around us, but often just out of sight. People can become entrapped making our clothes, serving our food, picking our crops, working in factories, or working in houses as cooks, cleaners or nannies.

From the outside, it can look like a normal job. But people are being controlled – they can face violence or threats, be forced into inescapable debt, or have had their passport taken away and are being threatened with deportation. Many have fallen into this oppressive trap simply because they were trying to escape poverty or insecurity, improve their lives and support their families. Now, they can’t leave.”

These examples are only samples of the many disguises slavery can have. Then we have not even gone into the sex slavery and child trafficking bit. But let us stay with the less violent and abusive ways of enslavement of today in this article.


Are you really Free?

Many of us in the western world would say we are not slaves and we are free.

Is this really true?

It is very interesting when we start to dive into the whole Sovereignty movement and find out that we are treated as slaves still today. How is that possible?

From the moment of our birth into this world, we are a divine living human being. Then we are given an identity by the state when they tell our parents to register our birth. These are the birth certificates and identity numbers (social security etc.). This newly created legal fiction is owned by the state. The state is a registered company and all its subsidiaries (police, statutory courts, tax-department, etc.) are part of the company. Our legal fiction is owned by this company and has to follow the rules for the “employees” of the company (what are called laws etc.). Through this procedure we lose our sovereignty and freedom and we grow up with the belief that we are this legal fiction. We are totally at the mercy of the state, where the courts, the police, etc. are run for profit, and if they want us to pay, then we pay.

– From Holy F*ck and Sacred Water

Does this sound like we do not have slaves today?

We become a property of the state the minute we complete a birth certificate. This allows the state to remove your child if they deem you are not doing your duty as a parent. This can include not vaccinating your child or give them what is seen as the “correct” medical treatment. Anything which does not fit into what the state have determined is correct.

To work, apply for a student loan or claim any benefits you have to be registered with the state.

And have a social identity number – called in the UK a National Insurance number. This is issued in the UK automatically just before their 16th  birthday and has to be applied for by immigrants.

Fear enslavement

People are also enslaved by the fear to speak up for their rights. Often because they are afraid of losing their job, not been considered for a promotion, or not being able to provide for their family.  Many employers exploit this especially in manufacturing, where pay is often low, employees have to log in and out at set times and are only allowed a set number of toilet or comfort breaks.

However, exploitation is also rife in high paid job, where people work ridiculous hours above what they are contracted to.  It only takes one or two people to always work late before everyone else follows suite as they fear being thought less of and it quickly becomes company culture. By following the crowd you are unwittingly giving your consent. The employer is unlikely to complain, they are getting slave labour of many hours a week per employee, do not have to pay overtime or give time back in lieu.

Money has become a great weapon for the deep state to keep us in the enslavement system. You can read more about this in the 2021 money grid creation post.


Do you consent?

There are many areas of our lives where we unwittingly give our consent. Simply by inaction or not speaking up we are enslaved.  It’s taken for granted that those in authority, know what they are doing and have your interests at heart. In the majority of cases this is far from the truth. All they want is more money and compliance as this makes their life easier, make them wealthier and more powerful – and they can increase their bottom line even more.

The future of slaves

Last week the World Economic Forum hosted a summit: The Great Reset

“The Great Reset” is a commitment to jointly and urgently build the foundations of our economic and social system for a more fair, sustainable and resilient future.”


This great reset is based on the United Nations 17 sustainability goals. All of this – on the surface – sounds just what we need. We all want health for all, to end poverty, equality, have clean water and access to power, employment, food and protect the planet. The issues lie on how they plan for this to happen. The moment you start to go deeper into how they plan to execute this great reset, you can see your freedom be a dream of the past.

At one level this can look like utopia. But for it to occur you will be totally owned by the state and the states are owned and run by a few incredibly rich individuals. Your every movement and action will be tracked. If you do not obey, you will lose privileges. In essence you will be a slave. Does this seem to much of Orwells 1984 to you? A bit too far fetched?

This article by Forbes Magazine share what this so called utopia could be like.

We only need to look at what is happening on a global scale at the moment. Companies forcing their employees to test, even to vaccinate – to keep their jobs. We are not allowed to travel without being tested, wearing facemasks and quarantine for weeks. Vaccine passports are up and coming.


At the same time as The Great Reset Summit was going on in Davos a group of people on the side of freedom held a Greater Reset Summit. Replays can be seen at

Do you want to live in a city with your life determined by others?

Do you want a life where you are free?
Free to make your own decisions on what is right for your health, your family, your life.

We have to remember that we are Free. That is our birth right. We are living beings. We are flesh and blood. Authorities have no power over us. They can only rule over “the slave” – the legal fiction. No one has power OVER us. The moment we stop give our (silent) consent and allow authorities to tell us what to do and not do, we increase that freedom. When we stop identify with the legal fiction/slave we are free. As the state is actually a company, we as citizens are a fictional part of the company. When we break free and claim our sovereignty, we can stop this enslavement.

What would happen if we all stopped doing what we are told and instead listened to our hearts and lived by the common law?

Common law is basically to do no harm.

What kind of life could humanity have then?

“The truth is that throughout everyday life, people everywhere use and rely on Common Law to live and work together. It is simply the inherent way that people conduct their affairs together. Liken it to the roots that bind together human communities by unconditionally upholding the life, dignity and well-being of every man, woman and child. These roots are especially necessary and foundational in the face of powers that seek to subvert such natural freedom”

When we stop to bend and kneel we claim our freedom.

“Bend the knee en-masse at this current point in our timeline and you take part in a huge ritual. You show compliance with and give authorisation for and allegiance to a new world order takeover. Symbolism is everything to those who think they are in control and they don’t care if you understand it or not. Black out squares and now mass kneeling – this is black magic guys, be very careful before you partake in a mass ritual like this. The only way to honour unity and make a stand against oppression and prejudice is through love, compassion, unity and grace. You do not have to sell your soul to an invisible and unseen dictatorship to do so. Kneel to no one save true self. Show alliegience only to love. Hold strong to your integrity, your power and your mastery. Now is the time to make the choice. Slavery or empowerment? Fear or love? Will you kneel alone and surrender your power or rise together as one in surrender to the power of love and unity? Will you stand United or fall through division? Choose wisely for your choice will affect you and your descendants for years to come.”  

Dr. Phil often says: “they do it because they can”. When we say no and unite, they will have to stop. When they cannot do it – they wont.

Enslavement for the majority is a choice. And when we are free, we can free those who do not have that choice.

Join us on our 13 moon journey where we will dive deep into all these different layers of freedom and sovereinty …read more here about Footstep for Freedom journey


On behalf of Wholyland Council,

Pam and Tora Zophia

2021 – nya pengar/ new money grid creation

2021 – nya pengar/ new money grid creation

Svenska reflektioner:

Pengar är inte det vi tror det är.

Pengar är det största vapen deep state har för att kontrollera oss. Tiden har kommit för att ta tillbaka makten och skapa en ny “grid” för pengar. Där vi inte har ett pengasystem som är baserat på skulder, men där det kan flöda fritt och i överflöd.

Jag, Tora, hade en vision där jag kunde se hur pengar har förtrollats till ett vapen för mörka makter. Jag tog fram lite av mina “häxkonster” och skapade en ny pengagrid där pengar bara går där kärlek, respekt och uppskattning finns. Du kan läsa, lyssna och se det hela i artiklen nedan.

Du kan också höra hur du kan vara med att skapa och förstärka denna nya grid.

Tillsammans kan vi göra skillnad!!

kram från

Tora och Ulrika

money fan

2021 Money grid creation – the dark spell is gone and how we win WW3


There is a WW3 going on at this time on the planet. Information is heavily censured and false information is spread like a plague with an agenda of the “Great Reset” by the elite/Cabal/Deep state – or whatever we want to call them.

Police arrest and harm people for not wear masks or for not follow restrictions. It is a war between the people and the deep state. And most people are not even aware of it. They still believe in the pandemic narrative and that most countries are democratic!

Money is the deep state´s greatest weapon to manipulate and control the narratives and keep us enslaved. Money is also powerful tool to keep us divided and polaratised and at war against each other. “Lame stream media” of the world is owned by the elite – by the same six companies. All states are private companies that is created for profit.

follow the money

Follow the money

The saying; “follow the money” often brings us down the rabbit holes of corruption, treason, child trafficking, satanic rituals, war and mass murder of different kind. The rich get richer by spreading fear and false stories of pandemics, war threats, terrorism and us against them. Look at which companies doubled their income in 2020, whist millions went into poverty. Amazon, google, facebook, big pharma companies did great in 2020, didn’t they?

For instance, just watch the Fall of Cabal series, and the Sequal of Fall of Cabal. NGO´s, UN, World Economic Forum are just a few money laundriers to funnel money and make the rich even richer and more powerful. (The Sequal of Fall of Cabal is available in the Wholyland Library)

Charged money

The word money is often a loaded word. It goes into the extremes of “Money is evil” to “Money is freedom”. There are many shades in between such as; “Money is just energy”, “money is necessary for our survival” and so on. To make it clear, money in itself is energy. The question is what energy it is charged with.

Who is to blame?

This has nothing to do with to put blame on something or someone else. It has nothing to do with not to take responsibility for our own shadows and blocks. That is a necessary step for sure. Neither has it to do with to stay victim to outer circumstances. We have the power to shift and transform anything.

With that said, many empaths and those who are here to be at service take on way to much responsibility on why money doesn’t flow into their lives. We are taught that everything is within us – hence, if something doesn’t work – it is our own fault and we are to blame. That self-blame program will for sure keep us stuck and keep us in the loop of not feeling good enough.

Change-makers relation with money

Many change-makers such as; lightworkers, starseeds and truthers, or whatever we like to call us, struggle with our relation with money. We have our private blockages and beliefs around it. But what happens when we have cleared, purged and reprogrammed all these layers and yet, still do not seem to be able to attract money? Many starseeds who used to live on planets without money systems also struggle with this level of blocks and shadows. We ask ourselves; why is everything in our lives so hooked up on money?

Money has status.

The last few months, many in our tribe have shared that all of a sudden they could really feel the resistance to money, that money is not important enough to strive for anymore. How the manipulation and abuse of money by the deep state has created this feeling of “Fuck money” and a deeper longing for a new system that is not based on lack and fear. This collective charge on money affects many of us. It is not our fault. And we are not victims to it either! We have the power and the choice to change it.

What would happen if we shifted the spell on money to one that would serve and free us from enslavement by the elite?

What is the value of money?

Let us go back a bit….We use the financial system to demonstrate the value of something. The elite create the value. They program us to believe it has value and tell us what that value is.

Today, money is not backed by gold and silver as it was in the past. It is produced by adding made up numbers in the banks computer systems. Money today has no more real value than the paper (or plastic) it is printed on. Money is created out of nothing. Money is created as a lack and fear-based program.

deep state

The money spell

Money has a black magic spell on it.

If you are sensitive to energies, you are also sensitive to spells. Money will therefore not come into your field as easily, since your bullshit detector will feel the “ickiness” of it. We can try to spiritually bypass it by saying “money is energy”, “money is freedom”. But there might be a part of us that feel we have to sell our souls to get it.

This spell on money means that those who have it control the masses. You can buy yourself out of everything and into anything. There is no moral, ethics or as mentioned before, real value to it. Money therefore enslaves us and keep us trapped to do what we are told, to listen to authorities and not question the status quo. The spell on money makes it worth killing for.

Fear of Money

If you ask someone to stand up for their freedom, money is most likely the reason not to. Most people fear to not have money. “Then I am not allowed to… I have to support my family. I cant afford…”

Is this how you like to live your life?

Being controlled by the few?

Be a puppet as they threat you to freeze your account, take your children, fire you if you do not take the tests or vaccines and so on?

When is enough enough?

When we fear to loose something or someone we are enslaved and trapped in the matrix.

When we do not know who we are we are not free.

When we are not aware of the spells they cast on us and on things around us – we are not free to break them.

You can watch the video of Tora and Karen sharing the vision here:

The Money spell vision

There has been several times over the last month that the theme of money has resurfaced in Toras life. When we had a chat about money with Elizabeth April on Live the Impossible show Tora started to caugh.

When our body physically reacts when we hear something it is a sign of a block or truth is surfacing. We then have the possibility to shift it. Tora could feel that this time it was in the collective field level of money. That affects us privately as well. But is not “personal” in the same way.

Dark money spell

A few days after, Tora had a vision where she saw all these patterns and programs around money (she shares her visions in the video below). She saw how the future would look like if the dark spell on money will continue to dominate on the Earth Grid and the collective field. We do not walk the streets, we stay at home and stare into our screens like zombies. Very similar as to the movie V for Vandetta.

Neutral Money

As Tora cleared the dark magic spell of money it shifted into a neutral energy. As a neutral energy the stress of humanity is gone. We all walk around in bliss and peace of a zen state. Money is, it comes and goes, and our lives are not based on, or surrounded by it. It is very peaceful and lovely.

High vibe Money Spell

Tora decided to take this even further. As an energy transformer, alchemist and grid worker she put another spell on money, for the wellbeing of all, in the highest potential and vibration.

This is where all this gets magical….

At this vibration money goes to Love, Respect and Appreciation.

All of a sudden, people on the streets would hug and lock eyes when they pass on the streets. Strangers or family – we all are one and acknowledge that we are. Money flows into our “accounts” and we live freely and prosperously. No lack, no stress, always abundantly. No matter how much you spend, it will always fill up the cup with more.

The new money grid

In this collective grid field it is not about you or me and our private blocks and beliefs anymore. Money goes to where there is love, respect and appreciation. If you connect with that, you have money flowing into your life. As simple as that.

Orange vision

To illustrate this Tora saw an image of an orange. The appreciation of the sweet juicy orange in her hand, money flow into the lives of all people involved in the journey from the orange tree to her hand. They do their part of the journey at service for, and in honor of, the earth and life. They then receive money in return. Money love to flow to them.

On the other hand, the opposite is also true.

Grain vision

If you do not have love, respect and appreciation for life – money will turn away from you. To illustrate this Tora was given an image of how a man stood next to a silo with grains. Suddenly the grains pour out of the silo and at the bottom there was a young woman´s corps. Money went around the man as he did not have any love, respect or appreciation for life.


The grains can be interpreted as a symbol for money. The grains/money will pour out of the silo/account if the energy is not pure. The silo might look full and rich at the surface, but now as the grains pours out, the hidden truth will come out. Externally the deep state looks rich, happy and something to thrive for. But under the exteriour there are many corps hidden. Now, what has been hidden in the dark will come to the surface to be seen. All the corpses will come out of the closets. The man killed the woman – and so money turn its back on him.

The woman is a symbol of the feminine. The feminine power has been suppressed for thousands of years. Feminine values have not had value. The feminine energy of focus on nurture, the collective, connection, compassion – have had no or little value. Women have been seen as property of men. Women have been slaves without value throughout history.

This means that money will not go to “evil actions” anymore. The deep state will loose their control, loose their money and power – unless they open up for love, respect and appreciation for all life. These visions are metaphors for how the new money grid works.

“Money goes to Love, Respect and Appreciation”

Sacred Money

Sensing ones sacredness is a gift within a deep level of awareness, with that comes a level of pure love of source and service, a conscious connect to the evolving soul. This allows the Magic of our collective hearts to touch and it is within the alchemy of Love, Respect and Appreciation that we can tap into the vibration of money with pure intent and clear the blocks and spells that have been cast.

Within the Magic of Dragon Dreaming Karen has been gifted with the sounds that she shares with you (in the video below), the Song of the Stars.  A vibrational resonance of healing tones that when voiced with pure Love, Respect and Appreciation will clear and heal any spells or blocks placed around the flow of Money. All that is out of balance and disconnected will be restored as the vibration of joy, peace and harmony connects within our internal grid system.

What is a grid?

The grid systems we speak of are both an internal and external source of connected flow.  The grids are created through a time-space frequency and through the vibration of sound we instigate an acceleration of electromagnetic source of conscious flow both internal and external.

These grids, here around money, are anchored on Earth, in the Great Sun and within our own electromagnetic fields.

How can we strengthen this new money grid?

The grid systems are based on the original design of benevolent internal and external systems. These systems are designed to operate at best through the unified field of the Divine Human blueprint. However, what we have seen and experienced is at worst a predominant fear-based world structure filled with greed, conflict and control.

Now is the time to raise your vibration and become the collective evolved love based divine human you are destined to be as you tap into the divine time-space frequency. Now is the right time, right space to anchor your unique sound within the earths field, take back your power through awareness and action. This can be achieved through the pure intent of the connected conscious belief structure based on Love, Respect and Appreciation.

21 days to anchor the new money grid

There is a threshold and portal open right now until March 20th/21st 2021, where we have the chance to amplify this new money grid, so it becomes more accessable for the collective to tap into. The more of us who anchor this grid within us, into Earth and Sky, the stronger it gets. It becomes the “new normal” as the elite like to call it! 😉

What can we do to strengthen it?

  1. We “chant” the mantra; “Money goes to Love, Respect and Appreciation” 21 times for 21 days. You can either use the video below or do it by your self.
  2. We allow our own unique sounds of money come through us – through lightlanguage, jibberish, tones, sounds – whatever comes. Again, 21 days.
  3. We spread the word to our awake friends and family to do the same.

You can watch the chant meditation of the new money grid creation here:

Power of 3

21 is a 3 (2+1=3)

The Power of Three is symbolized by a “triquetra“, a Celtic pattern that shows the center of three connected circles (somtimes bound together by a fourth circle in the center).

3 is the holy see, a magic number to anchor and amplify an energy frequence.

When we enter 20-21st of March, 2021 (3rd month, 21st,  year 21) we are at a trippel 3 number. 3+3+3.

The sacred geometry of this date is epic.

Time to act

Can you imagine what could happen if we amplify the new money grid by the March equinox, 2021?

The new money grid would be the collective field of the masses. Deep state would go “bankrupt” and loose their power.

WW3 would end.

Love, respect and appreciation for the wellbeing of all would be the dominant energy on our planet.


We could go on and on about this, but we think you get the picture.


So even if you do not believe in this. Even if you doubt. Please, share and join us for 21 days (start whenever you like) to amplify the new money grid field. What do you have to loose?

There is no harm done to anyone by doing it.

What if this is the golden ticket to freedom?

What if, this could be a key to the Golden Age?

What if….

Nothing to loose, everything to gain dear friends!


Please share wide and far and let us thrive and soar free!


On behalf of Wholyland Council,

Karen and Tora Zophia


To read more about the power of sound and the great reset you can read the following posts:


Historia – är det sanning?/ History – is it the truth?

Historia – är det sanning?/ History – is it the truth?

Svenska reflektioner:

Historia. Hur mycket sanning finns det i historien, egentligen?

Det är intressant att se hur olika historien ser ut beroende av var man bor och går i skola. Vi är många som älskar historia. Men det blir ännu mer spännande när vi också ser att det är inte bara en historia – Story – men också hans historia (His-story). Männen inte bara skrev ner historien – de tog också bort och raderade många kvinnor ur historien. I dessa tider börjar bland annat fler och fler Egyptiska “drottningar” grävas fram ur historien – bokstavligt och symboliskt.

Vinnarnas historia

Det är också vinnarnas historia som skrivs ner. Tora som är gift med en dansk och bor i Danmark har förundrats över hur lite danskarna vet om “det stora eventet” – freden i Roskilde. Det är inte en del av historien som danskarna lär mycket om i skolan. Men i Sverige blev det inpräntat om och om igen – i alla fall på våra skolor på 1970-80 talet.

När man sitter med en dansk och en svensk historiebok är det som att läsa om skilda världar. Kanske är det då inte så konstigt att det finns så mycket konflikter, rasism och oenigheter mellan oss människor. Vår historia, som vi har fått höra är sanning, är olika i olika länder.

Kulturell historia

Ta invandrare som kommer till Sverige. De har ofta fått lära sig att i Sverige finns guld och gröna skogar som de får fri tillgång till. Tja, gröna skogar finns det, men kanske inte lika mycket guld? De har lärt att om du flyttar till Sverige får det både ditten och datten. Är det då konstigt att de har förväntningar om att få det?

Öppen historia

Om vi vill ha fred på jorden – där historia handlar både om män, kvinnor och barn från och om alla kulturer och perspektiv – kanske vi också ska vara öppna för att lyssna på varandras historier. Vad har vi lärt? Och om det är olika information om det vi lärt – kan det då vara sant? Vad är sant?

Och det gäller också omkring hela corona plandemin. I det ögonblick någon är oenig med din historia blir du attackerad, påhoppad och “utskammad.” Är det så vi vill att vår värld ska se ut? Kanske vi borde tänka lite längre innan vi hoppar på någon verbalt eller t.o.m. fysiskt. Behandla andra som du själv vill bli behandlad.

Det är alltså inte rocket science det här. Det är logik och sunt förnuft. Men sunt förnuft är något som verkar har försvunnit ur historien. Nu får vi ta ansvar för våra handlingar och skapa en historia vi kan vara stolta över!

Du kan läsa Pam Lobs historia om sanningen av historien här nedan!

Be Unfuckwithable,

Tora och Ulrika


History – is it the truth?

History is a story of the past whether it is 1 minute or 1 million years ago. Today 20th January 2021 will always be remembered in history as the inauguration of the 46th President of the the United States Joe Biden. Will he be the last ever president of the USA? Who knows at this point. What we do know is the present system is not working.

I’ve always loved history. Finding out about how people lived and what happened in the past. I’ve spent many happy hours exploring old castles, monuments, stately homes and thanks to some great museums how the everyday man and women lived. I’ve often been left with a list of unanswered questions.

What was life really like?
What roles did the women play?
Is this really what happened?

My story

I was 17 before I visited anywhere outside of Great Britain. It was brilliant to see some of the great chateaus, monasteries and Cathedrals of France, but all the information you get is condensed into a small booklet or an A4 laminated sheet. Again more questions!

Since then travel has been a big part of my life and I’ve walked many miles exploring foreign cities, getting away from the tourist hotspots to get a better feel for the cultures, the people and their everyday lives.


I now have the pleasure of friends around the world and get to work on a daily basis with the international Wholyland Council. What has become incredibly obvious is the very different versions of history and events happening right now that we each have. It really makes you question the main stream narrative and encourages a deeper dive into what is the truth.

Down the rabbit hole

This search has certainly led me down the rabbit hole and what I’m seeing is not pleasant but does feel closer to the truth. I’ve always had a strong intuition and have often had a knowing to avoid something or to do more research. My research this year has explained many of my reactions over the years. If you want a future where you are sovereign and free you first need to understand why we are not and look beyond what the main stream media is telling us.



I was lucky to have an enlightened English teacher who got us to read about the same event in different newspapers. Where they really the same event? As a nurse I often knew in detail about a shooting, a road accident, the riots of the early eighties. But what I was reading or hearing on the news had some facts and grains of truth but could have been about a totally different event as so much was fabricated. This has meant I’ve always had a healthy scepticism about news and history.

“As all human beings are ruled by their emotions, opinions, and political and religious affiliations, subsequently all history is comprised of as much opinion as fact and, in many cases, has been entirely fabricated for the furthering of the author’s personal ambitions or secret agenda.“ Kathleen McGowan

History is not what happened.

History is what was written down.
The news is what you are being told from the perspective of the people producing the program or newspaper.

We think of the people of the past living a simple existence with much less knowledge and know how than what we have today. But this is not totally true. In some ways they were more advanced than the majority of us are today. The powers that be which includes the church, governments, large corporations and a few individuals have suppressed, hijacked and manipulated the truth to meet their own ends. There has been/is a war on perception to limit our possibilities and to keep us controlled.  Then we can add in tradition which has always won over truth.

Isn’t it about time that we lived by the truth, with compassion and love for each other?

For some reason, lost in the annals of time women and feminine principles were squashed or hidden. Many ancient civilisations were led by women, but as the power of Rome grew around the time of Christ, patriarchy was to become the norm. May be because a group of men were threatened by and feared the incredible power women can hold. They are dependent on us in so many ways, yet they felt it essential to dim the female spark.

Womens role

Women belonged first to their father and then their husband. The only other options were to become a nun, a prostitute or servant. If they didn’t obey they were subjected to hideous crimes. Very few women learnt to read and write, it was felt unnecessary. Therefore most of history was written by men and therefore contains very little about women, except as wives as in the stories of Henry VIII six wives. One of the few exceptions is Queen Elizabeth I, but she ruled as if she was a man. The same is true of women today who have finally made it into the hallowed halls of Government and business. There is very little sign of their feminine essence.


It has been the scourge of humanity for too long, to damage a woman’s name in order to diminish her.  Powerful women have always threatened weak-willed men. One woman who stood up to the might of the Romans and their evil rhetoric against her was Boudicca, a British Celtic Queen. She rode out to battle carrying a banner saying “The Truth Against the World”.

Who is the enemy?

For thousands of years if you didn’t agree with the narrative of those in power be it the government or the church, war or persecution was/is declared against the so called enemy. We can all remember such events even in our own lifetime.

People are also persecuted for their individual belief or actions, especially if others don’t understand it. The most famous is Jesus, but thousands if not millions have met an early death labeled as a ‘witch’. I’ve certainly met an untimely demise in several lifetimes because of my healing abilities.

Todays persecution

This persecution of healers is still going on today. If anything right now it’s increasing. Social media censorship is shutting down anything that does not match the narrow pharmaceutical version of health care. This is certainly not ‘health care’ and today I would barely even call it ‘sick care’. As many are dying needlessly as they only have access to the approved medicines and procedures.

Yet simple vitamin supplements, un pattented medicines and good nutrition could make a huge difference. But they don’t make a profit so are banned. We are also banned from sharing how you can boost your own health. I and many colleagues have had natural healing information removed. Even worse there are an alarming number of holistic and naturopathic doctors who have died in suspicious circumstances.

What do you want your grandchildren to read in the history books of the future about this time we are living right now?

At the moment if we don’t make a stand for sovereignty and freedom the future looks very much like George Orwell described in 1984. He simply got the date wrong!

Is this the future you want?

If not come and join us in Wholyland where we explore what it means to be sovereign and free. Together we can co-create the future where we can all be in wholeness so that we and the world can thrive.

Enjoy in joy
Pam Lob
on behalf of the Wholyland Council

Kvinnor i Hans Historia/ The Feminine Presence in His-Story

Kvinnor i Hans Historia/ The Feminine Presence in His-Story

Svenska Reflektioner

Vi har pratat mycket om kvinnans roll genom tiderna i boken Holy F*ck and Sacred Water. Det som blir tydligt är hur kyrkan och de styrande männen inte bara skrivit vår historia – men också hur de utskrivit kvinnorna och deras kraft ur historien. Munkar tog bort alla kvinnor när de skulle skriva ner en händelse, då de inte trodde kvinnor hade en själ. Va! Hur sjukt är inte det?

Kvinnor har setts som mäns ägodelar i tusentals av år, och det skiljer sig lite från kultur till kultur, men även i Sverige och västvärlden ges en kvinna bort av sin far i bröllopscermonier. Vi tänker oftast inte över vilken betydelse denna slags cermonier har, utan fokuserar nog mer på att det ser så romantiskt och fint ut på film… Och självklart har alla rätt till att välja att ha sin pappa gå med uppför kyrkogången och symboliskt ges bort till sin man. Om det är ett medvetet val att göra det. Men är det ett medvetet val, eller en del av filmens makt att upprätthålla alla destruktiva program så vi ska tro att saker är “normala”? Vilka konsekvenser har det i våra liv? Vilken betydelse har det för jämställdheten?

Kvinnor genom tiderna

Karen, Wholylands egen arkeolog och power kvinna har skrivit en fin artikel om kvinnors roll i olika kulturer genom historien. Du kan njuta av den här.

Kom ihåg, det handlar aldrig om kvinnor mot män i dessa diskussioner. Det handlar om att skapa balans och harmoni mellan kön. Varför tror vi som vi gör? Varför lever vi som vi gör? Vill vi skapa förändring måste vi också våga se på där det är obalans. Det omedvetna blir medvetet genom att våga se på saker med nya perspektiv.

Så läs Karens artikel och se på historien med nya ögon.

Be Unfuckwithable,

Ullis och Tora


Anchor Wat art
Temple art from Anchor Wat, Cambodia


The Feminine Presence in His-Story

The in-between existence of the feminine presence attributed within the male dominant aspect of His-story, is also a place where the roles of wife, mother, sister and daughter hold the potential of immense value and power of a cultural significance.

Despite the ambiguous in-between situation of women and men within society, the power of the feminine presence is never far from the surface in any cultural timeline attributed to His-story whether oppressed or admired.

The Role of Women in His-story

Global trends in archaeology theory clearly demonstrate the importance of the role of women in His-story. 


  • Long have women been neglected.

The important factors that tend to underpin the neglect of women

Have been

  • Male dominance


  • Lack of theoretical frameworks that explicitly seek to identify women.

Today there is a recognition that women make up half of the population which leads us also to ask….

  • Where were the Women in His-story

Looking Pretty?!!



In order to overcome the problem of finding the visibility and voice of women in His-story, I have chosen to investigate societies located across the landscape but are still culturally linked.  If we can disarticulate activities across space and attribute gender to the activities, then we can identify the role of women within the framework of His-story.

Where were the Women?

In order to identify the role of women within the landscape perhaps the right question to ask would be;  “ Únder what circumstances were aspects of women roles expressed within the cultural landscape, where and by whom.”

  • Can we ascribe activities to specific places on the cultural landscape.
  • Can we ascribe cultural activities to different gendered groups .
  • Can we see woman in the archeology of antiquity.

In order to identify gender through material culture it is necessary to draw on a range of evidence from not only the archaeological record but also the oral based His-stories and ethnographic studies which were for the most part dominated and viewed through the lens of a male perspective based on His-story.

Finding the Visibility and Voice

The ethnographic literature tells a story of the roles men and women were ascribed within each culture based society.  In order to find the visibility and voice of women I first needed to look closely within the largely dominant male perspective often exclusively ascribed within the notion of His-story.  Within the island culture I explored the trading systems of exchange, and used the case study of the Motu Hiri system of trade and exchange the following could be identified:

  • The women alone produced up to 10,000 clay pots per season
  • The men built fleets of lagatoi trading vessels specifically for the women in order to transport and trade the clay pots

The Lagatoi has been always considered a male dominant cultural aspect, and nowhere in the literature are women mentioned. The trading systems are known to be a male dominated version of His-story starting 400-700 years ago.   However, there is evidence to suggest that in both cases identifiable aspects of women have penetrated male domains connecting females to the male space of the lagatoi voyages of the hiri system.  Furthermore, In both cases female tradition is being passed down from mother to daughter.

Secret Women’s Business

  • Women and young girls had tattoos inscribed on their bodies, linking them directly to the hiri trading system.
  • These specific lagatoi markings identified each long distance ocean voyage undertaken by their fathers or husbands, and therefore connected them intimately to the hiri trading system.

Within the tradition of secret women’s business it can be found that the Motu women’s feminine presence on board the lagatoi linked them directly to the exclusive space of men.  It has been suggested in the oral tradition of secret women’s business that women did partake in these voyages.  Although, there is visual representation of women dancing on board the lagatoi,   I have found no written evidence of women sailing on the lagatoi in the literature of His-story.

The Visibility of Womanness in Society

The visibility of women within the His-story of the cultural landscape can be demonstrated by identifying that women in society possess a significant sense of womanness.  The problem with the visibility of women in His-story is directly due to a western ethnographic bias preventing the activities of women from becoming visible.   However, the power and the prestige of women throughout many cultural landscapes, whether based in antiquity or modern society, is demonstrated through the actual participation in exchange.

The womanness of the Feminine presence in ancient Antiquity was never far from the surface at any time in the His-story of the Roman Empire.  As demonstrated within the Motu Hiri trading systems of exchange, the visibility of women within the Roman Empire can also be identified when viewed through the representation of the everyday life of real women within the framework of His-story.

His-story written in the literature of Roman Antiquity

Another aspect of the Feminine presence captured within the everyday life of Ancient antiquity has often been recorded throughout the centuries and viewed within representations of art and literature, such as poems, biographies and the politics of every day law, composed and viewed exclusively from the elite male perspective of His-Story.

Seldom have women been represented in scholarly literature in any other aspect than symbols of moral virtue and wifely importance, this limited view has perhaps neglected an aspect of the feminine presence which represents the true nature of real women captured in the everyday life of His-story.

Graffiti inscriptions display various messages carved out on the walls of Pompeii, most attesting to the feminine presence alive and present in all aspects of daily life during the Augustan era, from the gladiators arena to the bars and streets frequented by the daughters of virtue and pleasure there are signs left behind, other dialogue suggests the love affairs of men and women despite the emperor Augustus making them illegal in 27 B.C.

The Mistress, The Courtesan

Within the ancient world of His-story, the space between the boundaries of the feminine presence lie traces of power and pleasure, perceived within all aspects of the everyday lives of women with feminine influence.  The Roman Male gaze is often portrayed in various guises within satirical literature and interpreted in part as a form of gender control.  The Roman wife is perceived to be under the control of father, husband, or tutor; female slaves had no power against their masters; and prostitutes were considered totally insignificant to the everyday life of the elite male.

However, within the written record and material culture emerging from sites such as Pompeii, another perspective reveals the elite males anxieties and loss of control when confronted with the face of female freedom.  The Courtesan demonstrates a level of independence, freedom and control by the very nature of her role within society, thus her feminine presence holds more power and influence within the space of their interaction than the elite male of His-story.

The Vestal Virgin

Within the feminine cultural elaboration of the daughters role emerges the cult of Vesta otherwise known within the unique Feminine role as the Vestal Virgins.  The sexual status of these women seems to be directly linked to their sacred status where the image of purity is related to virginity.

The priestesses were under the influence of the pontiffs and had the important task of tending the sacred fire of the hearth, this responsibility was considered crucial to the welfare of the state if the fire was to go out then the virgin was flogged if a virgin was sexually involved an act considered polluting to the cult she was buried alive.

However, all was not grim as these virgins were selected daughters of elite families who were legally independent of the authority of the pater families; their service began between the ages of six and ten and lasted for thirty years with increased power and authority through age and seniority.

The Romans imported many Greek priestesses for Hellenistic cults, and the Egyptian mystery cult of Isis was also very popular within the Roman Empire.  Ancient Inscriptions identified twenty six priests of Isis with six of these priests being real women.  These women were of the elite and non-elite status with Frescoes found in Pompeii and Herculaneum depicting scenes of the feminine rites of Isis.


The Gladiator

Female Gladiators were a definite feminine presence across the Roman Empire whose participation involved both the elite and non-elite female. One inscription perceived to be from the second century AD., was discovered from a site located in Ostia known as the Halicarnassus relief.

The Everyday Life of Real Women

Within the broader aspect of the feminine presence lie the relationship between His-story and the rules of law allowed for the reconstruction of the everyday life of all real women who have passed through all His-story without ever having entered it.

From an everyday perspective, the feminine presence is never far from the surface. However, there remains a level of satirical exaggeration and female symbolism within both the His-story of ancient and modern civilizations which is often influenced within the narrative from a male perspective.

Aspects of everyday life during early century BC to first century AD, we find preserved in stone, clay pots and tattooed bodies, or images of graffiti conveying mixed messages of life representing all aspects of the everyday life of real women often hidden away from the bias of His-story.  These visual images are able to communicate the virtues of women through the feminine aspects of the warrior, the courtesan and prostitute, the daughter, the mother, the wife, the virgin and the lover all the feminine qualities of the real women carved within the space and place of everyday life in ancient and modern societies.

temple art from Anchor Wat

Join us in Wholyland where we embrace and balance the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine to make my/our-story not his-story

Come into Wholeness and upshift your body, Emotions, Mind and Spirit for 2021.

Listen to the Live the Impossible Show episodes on His-story from the feminine perspective

Enjoy within joy

Karen Thornton / Author

On behalf of the Wholyland Council

Fotavtryck till en ny början /Footprints of New Beginnings

Fotavtryck till en ny början /Footprints of New Beginnings

Svenska reflektioner:

Att gå Caminon. En resa mot sig själv för många. Att vandra mil efter mil i vackra omgivelser för att möta sig själv. Det inre rum många inte har lärt att hitta. Det är ofta en ny början att gå Caminon. Millioner pilgrimar har gått från från Pyreenerna till den yttersta punkten i nordvästra Spanien – Santiago de Campostela.

Kanske är det vi allra mest behöver i dessa tider. Att finna oss själva, vårt centrum och balans. När världen ser mer och mer kaotisk och polariserad ut är resan till sig själv den viktigaste att ta. Det är inte nödvändigt att ta vandra den. Hur vi reser in i oss själva finns det oändliga sätt. Det viktigaste är att ta första steget.

Karen Tee från Australien gick Caminon. Här är hennes resa och beskrivning som pilgrim mot Santiago.

Res inåt!

Kram från Ulrika och Tora

a pilgrims journey

Footprints of New Beginnings

One morning it really happened.. I had one of those rare coherent moments when all parts of the whole came together… Bolting upright in bed I awakened to the words of an old Tom Jones song blasting out on the radio.  ‘The Young New Mexican Puppeteer’ apparently he saw the people all live in fear… so he decided to carve a puppet to send out messages of hope and inspiration… and folks let go of their fear, they came running from far and near to hear his words of wisdom… and so their journey began, a journey of courage and change while walking in the Footprints of New Beginnings

Walking in the Footprints of New Beginnings

I had no idea what that would mean for me at that point, but I felt my spirit had just been elevated to somewhere in the clouds.  This feeling was accompanied by an idea that had taken shape. I will walk 800km across an ancient trail (Santiago de Compostela). A trail shaped by the footprints of the past, present and future all coming together in the now.  Like many before me this would be a great leap of faith as I stepped out of my comfort zone to embrace the unknown, this I did as I too walked in the Footprints of New Beginnings…. 


Now my plan seemed simple enough I was to catch a taxi from Pamplona to St Jean Pied de Port, a small French village situated at the foot of the Pyrenees approximately 75kms north of Pamplona.  The Pyrenees being a popular starting point for pilgrims (Peregrines) about to embark on their pilgrimage (Journey).

However, this was not going to happen as I envisioned, not for this modern day pilgrim anyway.  Apparently all taxi’s had decided to go on strike – Arggh.. don’t they know I am a pilgrim on a mission to save the world or myself (whichever comes first Lol..),  at least raise my awareness along the way.

Stepping out of the Comfort Zone

Stranded in the middle of Pamplona and completely lost having stepped out of my comfort zone with no sense of direction, how could I possibly reach St Jean by night fall.   Nobody spoke English and my limited attempt at Spanish was totally inadequate ‘Una cerveza por favor’ (one beer please) wasn’t exactly what I needed right now. Or, then again maybe it was exactly what was needed…

My heroine in this story was to present herself in the form of a magnificent guardian angel by the name of Maria from Brazil. This chance encounter took place in the central bus station whilst I was trying to speak Spanish, and of cause raised a few eyebrows.  Maria I discovered was another peregrine trying to get to St Jean by nightfall with one big advantage she could actually speak Spanish, this I reasoned was a godsend (right time right place)..

Together we navigated our way through the Spanish transport system riding a tangled web of intrigue connected by buses, trains and automobiles. This we managed by traversing halfway across the countryside in search of the pilgrims express, a train journey that would begin our quest for that something new, something different and something more we were all seeking.

St Jean Pied de Port full of pilgrims high on hopes and adventure, alive with the expectation of days yet to come, distances yet to conquer, and dreams yet to  awaken as we walked in the footprints of New Beginnings.  I thought about all those brave souls who had walked before me in a land shaped within the broader aspect of ancient myths and legends. In that moment my braveness faltered and I felt apprehensive while standing beneath the mighty shadow of the Pyrenees Mountains.

Napoleon’s route appeared on the horizon a rather daunting spectacle that only those willing to come to the edge dare attempt.  Fear put aside it was time to head towards the office of the peregrine, there we would collect our pilgrim’s record (credential).  This passport is your pilgrim’s identity and needed in exchange for pilgrim’s lodgings as a further proof of your pilgrimage (apparently foot blisters were not enough evidence).  Little did I know at that point what being a peregrine would actually mean.

In The Spirit of New Beginnings

My journey had begun as excitement filled the air and in the spirit of New Beginnings I was about to walk in the footsteps of time itself as I followed an ancient trail. I could feel the spirit alive and embedded within the landscape of ancient memory walked by thousands of pilgrims before me all seeking that something.

The journey would take me through ancient medieval villages such as:

  •  Pamplona,
  •  Logrono,
  •  Santo Domingo de la Calzada,
  •  Burgos,
  •  Leon &
  •  Santiago de Compostela.

This is a journey like no other a journey of the soul reaching out across the many nations united in the spirit of New Beginnings….

Whatever, the initial reason for embarking on this pilgrimage, for many it becomes a spiritual endeavor of great change? I started out thinking it would be a simple walk in the countryside, however it soon became a sacred journey of spiritual significance.  The more I merged with the land, the history, the culture and the architecture, the more I became aware of the many religious events shaped by galactic intrigue, myths and legends along the way.  Somewhere along the way this became a journey of letting go, a journey of discarding the old to make way for something new.


One Foot in front of the Other



Morning saw my first challenge (Napoleons route), after the first couple of hours I still felt alive, perhaps my strict physical preparation came in handy after all?  My feet were still moving I can do this, or at least that was my thoughts before the end of the day. Try walking on sharp broken rocks on steep inclines and even steeper declines with tender feet.  As I neared the abbey at Roncesvalles that first day I was no longer aware of anything except focusing on placing one foot in front of the other, while trying desperately to remember what it was that led me to step out of my comfort zone and opt for change.

Needless to say I literally dragged my body into the abbey at Roncesvalles produced my passport received my stamp and was shown to what was the sleeping quarters, which turned out to be a massive room with over a hundred bunks all lined up in rows.  This pattern pretty much repeated itself for me and most other peregrines in the days to come, I found a bunk headed for the shower and collapsed into a heap to sleep the sleep of the dead for an hour or two.

Later that night when I found my feet I headed for the church to celebrate the pilgrims blessing a service held for the pilgrims walking to Santiago de Compostela, a special dinner was held and the atmosphere was charged.

That night I was to meet many peregrines that I would bump into frequently in the days to come sometimes sharing food sometimes sharing pain and sometimes sharing the many tales of the magic in life we discovered along the way.

Next morning 6.ooam sharp I could not believe my ears, lights on monks chanting, pilgrims wake up the day has begun.  I took a moment to remember where I was before action set in and I bolted upright what the….!!!!!!!.

Coincidence or not, who would have believed I was sleeping opposite a couple of peregrines from my home town.  What was the chance that out of the many nations traversing this ancient way, I happened to be placed next to some fellow neighbor’s amazing.  After much shared enthusiasm we pull on our boots looked for the painted yellow arrows and started walking another day filled with New Beginnings.



The next couple of days were possibly the most difficult for me as my feet were constantly in pain my body was trying to adjust to the weight I was carrying (which apparently was far too heavy for my size!), and so the struggle I was going through both physically and mentally became my only focus.  One thing was certain I had to discard anything and everything I no longer needed in order to move forward.

At some point I didn’t think I was going to be able to continue and started questioning why I was there and what on earth was I thinking when one morning out of the blue I got up and decided to walk 800kms anyway???.  These thoughts are common when great change is unfolding (or so I am told).

My feet became so painful the pressure of resting them on top of the bunk at night was agonizing.  I often lay there thinking there is no way I will be able to walk the next day, and yet to my surprise somehow the pain would disappear by morning, my body would repair itself and ready to lace up my boots again for another day.

Eventually you do walk the pain out along with the discarding of your baggage, and this is a common tale told by many a pilgrim.  The path was once explained to me like this; the Camino consists of 3 sections in your personal growth, the first part is the physical the second the emotional and the third the spiritual.

As in all New Beginnings the path is not smooth or easy and often consists of broken rocks along the way; this however in some part is due to the detioriation overtime of the ancient Roman roads.  But the rewards are there in every step taken as the landscape is spectacular, from deep ravenous mountain blues to undulating rolling hills a patchwork of greens and creams.  A true cohesion of nature as people and place merged into forests of ancient trees and winding streams.

Buen Camino

The Camino is the spirit of the pilgrims who walk its path in solidarity with one another and in partnership with the land, the pilgrims are represented by every nation and all bound together by a common purpose of Self Discovery.  The comradeship is strong and instant, greetings are familiar and friendly Buen Camino is the common salutation which means “may the road be good to you”.

Friendships are developed within the footprints of New Beginnings, as we let go of our baggage and shared our emotions shaped by struggle, pain, laughter, tears and celebration.  The human spirit is amazing in all its aspects and often worth the hardships sometimes experienced.  I was continually amazed and honored to be sharing a part of many pilgrims’ journeys.

The decision to walk the unknown in itself determines your quest for New Beginnings and the Camino is a true testament to the human spirit.  There were days I walked with many unique characters all seeking to find their New Beginnings.  At one time I walked with a blind man and his partner who would described every rock every tree and every cloud in great detail continually with such compassion and dedication to each other, I was humbled.  There was a 68 year old woman who had been walking her Camino and finding her way for 3 months.  I walked with many pilgrims of all ages some from Scotland, Ireland, Alaska, Brazil and Ethiopia all stepping out of their comfort zone in that leap of faith to explore the unknown and perhaps find themselves in the quest for something new..

The Camino is a canvas of the collective and the pilgrims are the brush strokes of life dripping with bright splashes of color, we all spoke of life our hopes our dreams, and we all shared our food, our wine and shelter as pilgrims have done throughout the ancient times before us.

santiago de campostela

One anonymous pilgrim in the thirteen century wrote:

“Western Christendom is bubbling with new vitality. The pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela is bringing entire generations together in pilgrimage at its purest form. Along this path which, little by little, is being mapped out with the footprints of many forming a new way forward and bringing new hope.”

Today this ancient way finder is still there and for some parts little has changed since AD 813, all you have to do is lace up your boots, follow the yellow arrows and be prepared to let go of your baggage while walking in the footprints of New Beginnings.


New Beginnings


Join us in Wholyland

Come into Wholeness and upshift your body, Emotions, Mind and Spirit for 2021.

Listen to the Live the Impossible Show episodes on New Beginnings

Enjoy within joy

Karen Thornton / Author

On behalf of the Wholyland Council

Nytt år – eller är det? / New year – or is it?

Nytt år – eller är det? / New year – or is it?

Svenska reflektioner:

Gott nytt år säger vi. Nytt år, är det verkligen det? Eller är det ännu en sak som blivit förvridet och ändrat för att få oss i obalans?

När vi följer naturliga cyklus som ex. månens är det inte alls 12 månader. Det är 13. 13 har blivit olyckans nummer – men det har ju kommit fram att det är snarare den feminina kraftens nummer. Som vi skriver i Holy F*ck och Sacred Water:

The sacred feminine power number of 13 has been suppressed for thousands of years. In 2019, the spark that gave rise to Holy F*ck and Sacred Water was ignited as a co-creation. At the same time, we entered a new 13 000-year cycle, as well as a new 13-year cycle of sacred feminine power. There are 13 zodiac signs that now have been acknowledged, and 13 cycles of the moon in a lunar year. That is why women have 13 cycles in a year and ovulate on the 13th day. Mary Magdalene was the 13th apostle of Jesus.

Så när vi säger gott nytt år den 1 Januari varje år – är det verkligen där det nya året börjar?

Pam Lob har skrivit sina funderingar omkring det nya året i dagens blogpost från Wholyland.


New year – or is it?

As New Year as we know it approach’s, many of us reflect back on the past year and some make resolutions for the next. Intent on new beginnings only to return to old behaviours before January is even out.

I don’t think any of us could have predicted how 2020 panned out. It’s been a challenging year for nearly everyone in some form or another. Some have seen it as an opportunity to slow down, go within and to awaken. Whilst others have retreated under the duvet and into fear, in the attempt to believe someone or something will be their saviour.

I personally believe there will be no something (a vaccine) or someone (a new president or the return of Jesus) to save us. The saviour is within us. It comes from recognising our own strength, geniuses, our shadows and weaknesses. As we accept who we are, share  from a place of honesty and authenticity. We can them come together to co-create the world we want to see. Is it, or will it be easy? No life never is! This is what makes it exciting and joyful.


This year I’ve found myself going down the rabbit hole, in fact many rabbit holes. I’ve being asking questions and researching on the vaccines, the cabal, freedom and sovereignty, plus many other topics, I’ve not even considered to look at in the past. It’s been interesting, horrifying and at times challenging. Is all I’ve read true? No, but I believe much of it is closer to the truth than what we’ve been told in the mainstream media. The constant censorship has made me look even more. What are they trying to hide? Why are they preventing me and fellow practitioners from sharing natural and wholistic health tips to boost your immunity and keep you healthy?

What I’ve really learnt this year is to question. To sit in the questions and to trust my own intuition on whether what I’m reading/hearing is true for me right NOW. As more information or a different perspectives becomes available I’m open to my truth shifting. I believe as we go forward into 2021 the ability to question, examine the facts from many different perspectives and to be ok with change is going to be very important. Along with loving kindness, compassion and acceptance. That we are each on our own journey and can have very differing beliefs, but still be friends.

Something I was not very good at, or at least gave little time too was reflection and contemplation but I’ve learnt the many benefits of both.


At this time of year I like to reflect on the year past,the good, the not so good, what worked and what didn’t. I then sit and contemplate on the year to come. I gave up on resolutions years ago and now don’t even bother with goals and plans as every year something new and unknown comes into my life that changes it way beyond my expectations. This year it was our podcast Live the Impossible Show, Wholyland and COVID-19.


What I do contemplate is a word or words for the year. This year it was ‘trust’ and that has certainly been put to the test as I’ve trusted my intuition which has guided me away from the main stream thinking and believes of the virus and vaccines and into wanting sovereignty, freedom, co-creation and the right to choose what I do with my body and health. I’m still contemplating on my words for 2021 but feel trust is still a major one.

As I sat contemplating I started to wonder …

Why do we celebrate the new year when we do?
Why is the passing into a new year so important? …
   Is it just another excuse for a party?
   Is it seeing our lives marching on?
   Is it a fear of not fulfilling our destiny?

Why do we celebrate New Year on January 1st?

For me it makes more sense that the new year happens at the solstice. As the solstice is also my birthday this may be partly why I think this way. The ancient Greeks did celebrate new year at this time and I’ve had at least one past life in Ancient Greece!

The solstice was a time of celebration in many early civilisations.
Hence why the Church chose this time to celebrate the birth of Jesus. (the exact date or even the year is unknown, not helped by many different calendars and ways of recording the passage of time.) Many Christian celebrations are very close to old pagan ceremonies often associated with solar or lunar events. Having Christian celebrations close to events like the solstice and eostre made it easier to convert and placate the populate.


So why January 1st?
Like the calendar itself this is a man made date with no connection to solar or lunar events. The passage of time has been recorded from at least the Neolithic period and early calendars, the oldest found is from the Bronze Age followed lunar and/or solar events. But these are not totally regular and have resulted till this day with adjustments to be made and no universal calendar. This is why even today different cultures use different ways of recording time and dates, and celebrate the New Year at different times.

In the past probably depending on where you were in the world and your seasons, new year was most likely to be celebrated on a solar event. Either the summer or winter solstice, but most commonly the summer or autumn equinox.

Celebrating New Year on January 1st came from the early Roman calendar which our present day western calendar is based on.

“It stems from an ancient Roman custom, the feast of the Roman god Janus, who was the god of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, duality, doorways, passages, frames, and endings. This is also where the name for the month of January comes from, since Janus was depicted as having two faces. One face looked back into the past, and the other peered forward to the future, just like how on January 1, we can look back at the year that just ended, and look forward to the new year that lies ahead.”

The early Roman calendar had only 10 months. This is why the name of some of our months: September (7), October (8), November (9), December (10) don’t match their actual position. This calendar was reformed by Julius Caesar in 45 BC

“The Julian calendar was no longer dependent on the observation of the new moon but simply followed an algorithm of introducing a leap day every four years. This created a dissociation of the calendar month from the lunation.”

“The Gregorian calendar was introduced as a refinement of the Julian calendar in 1582, and is today in worldwide use as the de facto calendar for secular purposes.”


Manipulation of Time

Clocks, time keepers and calendars have resulted in us becoming slaves to time. Perceived lack of time is one of the primary reasons for not doing something.

When we follow lunar and solar cycles our bodies are less stressed as we are more in sync wih nature. Womens cycles are 28 days for a reason!

This great video explains more about the hijacking of time and there is a comedy section in the middle which explains how the calendar could be. Brilliant!



As the world now recognises 2021 starts on 1st January energetically this is when the energy shifts.  What will 2021 bring us who knows. But in numerology it is a 5 universal year so we will be cosmically supported to implement if we choose a 5D lifestyle with spirit leading the physical. This is not about spiritual bypass but bringing the spiritual into our physical bodies to be embodied to support wholeness.

January 1st 2021

For many of us this New Year will be unlike any we have experienced. Our choice and freedom curtailed due to the tightening lockdowns. For many of us there will be no parties or firework celebrations, just loneliness and an opportunity to go within, to meditate, to contemplate, to awaken to new possibilities and new beginnings. A party is quickly over and forgotten from a drop to many of a favourite tipple. Whereas a deep meditation, contemplation and awakening can be with you for many moons to come.

We wish you all the very best for 2021 and the strength, courage to face what ever we may be challenged with. Embrace peace, stillness, compassion and kindness and we will be ready to celebrate in style when the right time allows.

To the future and beyond
Enjoy with joy

Pam Lob
on behalf of  the Wholyland Council.



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Monoliter – tecken på ny tid?/Monoliths – Signs of New Beginnings, of Great Awakening, or of the Great Reset?

Monoliter – tecken på ny tid?/Monoliths – Signs of New Beginnings, of Great Awakening, or of the Great Reset?

Tid att märka in i vad din sanning är om monoliterna…

Gott nytt år!

Be Unfuckwithable,

Tora och Ulrika

Uluru is the worlds largest monolith.


These monoliths that pop up all around the globe at this point – seemingly from nowhere – What are they? How did they get there? And why now?

Tall “statues” of steel appearing materials have been seen all around the world in November and December, 2020. No one knows what they are, why they are there and how they got there.

What is a monolith?

According to Wikipedia,

“a monolith is a geological feature consisting of a single massive stone or rock, such as some mountains, or a single large piece of rock placed as, or within, a monument or building.”

Wikipedia is now also sharing information about the mysterious 2020 monoliths.

“In late 2020, the appearance of a series of metal columns was reported internationally. Often referred to as monoliths, these sheet metal structures began to be constructed in the wake of the discovery of the so-called Utah monolith, a similar metal pillar that was placed in a remote canyon in Utah, in the United States.

The Utah monolith was a 3 m (9.8 ft)-tall pillar made of metal sheets riveted into a triangular prism, placed in a red sandstone slot canyon in northern San Juan County, Utah. It is thought that the structure was installed between July and October 2016, but only attracted media attention after its existence was reported in November 2020 by state biologists who discovered it during a helicopter survey of wild bighorn sheep.[1][2][3]

Soon after the Utah discovery on 18 November 2020, reports emerged on social media of similar metal columns being found in many other places throughout the world, including locations across North America, South America, Central America and Europe.

The origins of these structures varied; some monoliths were made by artists inspired by news coverage of the original Utah pillar; others, like the two Pittsburgh monoliths, were made by local businesses for promotional purposes. Some monoliths were subsequently removed.[4] The monoliths have been compared in the media to the Monolith that appeared in the 1968 science fiction film, 2001: A Space Odyssey, giving rise to speculation about an extraterrestrial origin, although the phenomenon has also been viewed as a craze or an Internet hoax.[5][6]”

Where are they located?

The first one found was in Utah – in the middle of nowhere – and was removed after some time. From there they kept coming (see here)

They have even created a website where we can keep track on a map of the monoliths (see here).

For instance, in Romania, Netherlands, California and in Devon in England monoliths appeared (read here)

And in Sweden several monoliths have popped up in December – one even disappeared again.


So why are they showing up at this point in history?

Are the monoliths a sign of the Great Awakening?

Many feel the monoliths are part of the great awakening and comes from outer space. Similar as the crop circles.

We are at a point of the great awakening we have never managed to cross before in our history/herstory. “Normally” our race would be wiped out by now. The potentials were there this time too, but finally we managed to “rise above it” and shift timelines. We will not go under and be erased from earth this time. We made it!

This is our 5th attempt to get to where are at vibrationally. Before, we were killed by the great flood as read in the bible as Noah, or as Atlantis and Lemuria.

Back in 1968 the movie “2001: Space odyssey” was launched. It became one of those films that people speak about for decades, as it left the audience without answers and an openness to interpretation.

In the beginning of the movie there are apes hanging around and enjoying life. Then this monolith appears. It “activates” something within the apes, they start to kill each other and a new time – the time of humanity – arrives.

Jumping forward to the end of the movie. The main character is lying in bed about to die. He watches a monolith in his room, dies and is then reborn as a star seed with superpowers.

Basically – in a very simplified interpretation of the monoliths symbolism – these monoliths is a sign of the great awakening. They arrive from outer space to tell us: “Time to upgrade and become the “New humanity 2.0””, kind of thing…

What if they are a sign of the great reset?

Another possible explanation of these monoliths showing up on the planet right now is that they are part of the distraction agenda by the deep state.

As human beings we are very easily distracted as part of our programming. We are so filled with the fear-based messages of the dangerous and life-threatening virus (maybe a bit sarcasm there) that anything other than that keeps us occupied. People are getting sick and tired of hearing of the virus and need another distraction.

The deep state is going down. They know it, but will fight to the bitter end. They will do anything in their power to go against all the odds and take over the power. And from what we see around us it looks like they are in full control.

The great reset they want to implement is about taking the full power of all of us.

Or watch THE SEQUEL TO THE FALL OF THE CABAL – PART 5 – about the Agenda 21/30 (part of the great reset).

From World Economic Forum they make it sound so good with a great reset. They will give us food and housing (for the small price of our freedom). Want to travel?  For your own and others safety you need a vaccine passport. Want to live in the countryside? Then you don’t get any money to live for, as we should all stick together and be cool in the cities. And so on.


Why are the monoliths sign of the great reset?

Ok, so what does deep state and the great reset has to do with the monoliths more than a distraction move?

The fact that the stories of monoliths are in the MSM (main stream media) is a sign in itself that something shady is going on…. If the monoliths were true signs, the MSM would not cover it. That is for sure! So, why do they cover this story then?

What happens to people who believe someone will come and save them?

They wait. They become passive. And wait some more….

Just as the story of the man who was about to drown and called out to God to save him. God sent him a boat, helicopter and something else, but every time they arrived he said: “No thank you. I will wait for God to save me.”  After he drowned and he arrived in Heaven with God he felt betrayed. “Why didn’t you save me?” God answered: “I sent you all these things and people, but you said no”.  Well, that is my casual version of the story… 😉 Sorry if I ruined it! LOL

But the point is: If the deep state want to have a chance to take over all the power on the planet they will have to make us/keep us passive. If we see these signs that is covered in the bible; The 7 trumpets, the natural disasters on the planet, the locusts eating the crops etc. These are signs of second Christ is coming to our rescue. What we do not understand is that WE are Christ Consciousness.

No one will save us. Monoliths are not another sign that heaven on Earth is here and HE will remove all evil. If the monoliths are placed there by the deep state to distract and make us passive – then we shall take action.

What can we do?

The greatest action we can take is to spread the love, embody Christ Consciousness (the golden light) and raise our frequencies.


What is Christ Consciousness?

“Christ Consciousness is God’s Infinite Intelligence that is present in all creation. The Infinite Christ is the only pure Reflection of Spirit in the created realm.

Everything that exists is a manifestation of God’s own consciousness. The universe was dreamed by God into existence. The atoms of creation form part of that dream.

Christ Consciousness is the awareness of the presence of God at the heart of everything in creation—every atom, being, plant, rock, animal, sun, moon, everywhere.

When you expand your identity from this body and personality (Toras comment: strawman/role) to the omnipresent spirit, you realize your consciousness to be everywhere—all throughout the entire universe.

Then you have attained “Christ Consciousness,” just as Jesus and the other Masters have.”

Maybe the monoliths are symbols of us?

We pop up around the globe to wake up humanity. We stand there tall, shiny and people get curious to know more about us… Who knows?

No matter if the monoliths are signs of the great awakening or of the great reset we can decide what they mean to us. If we fear or focus on them too much – they can become the great reset. If we decide they are a sign that we are upshifting as humanity 2.0. The “all natural” as the full potential we came here to be, not the AI version… That is what becomes our reality. We decide what we believe in.

That is part of the new beginning time we are in.

WE decide our reality and truth.

WE have the power to create the impossible.

WE can reactivate our full potential.

WE are the ones we have been waiting for.



Now what?

We create our reality from within, and it might not show up externally right away. That does not mean it is not true. I believe we are at this time to reactivate our super powers and purge out all the shit on the planet that doesn’t serve us anymore. The deep state included… Imagine what a world we could co-create then!

If you feel called to tap into that vision together with us, please go to and join our memberhood! We play together to make the impossible a reality.


Wishing you the best new beginning possible, for the wellbeing of all….

Stay awake!

Love Tora
on behalf of Wholyland Council

En Ny Början – Tid att Vakna!/ New Beginnings – Time to Awaken!

En Ny Början – Tid att Vakna!/ New Beginnings – Time to Awaken!

En ny början, en tid att vakna…

Vad vi trodde var normalt var inte normalt, och kommer aldrig mer vara normalt. Vi svenskar gillar normalt. Så i dessa dagar är det inte bara rädsla för virus och smitta, utan också för varandra, våra företag, och familjer. Innan var vi rädda för det okända. Nu är vi mer rädda för att få reda på sanningen. För om allt detta är sant som det pratas om – att virus, vacciner och hela pandemin inte är sant – betyder det ju att vi levt en lögn hela våra liv. Och det är inget som känns bra för någon. Grundlurade är vad vi blivit. Ihhh, det gör ont…

Tid att vakna upp och stå ansikte mot ansikte med sanningen – oavsett hur ont det gör.

I detta bloginlägg skriver Pam om hennes tankar om den nya tiden, om Solstice och vad det okända betyder för henne.

Ha en underbar Solstice!

Be Unfuckwithable,

Tora och Ulrika

New Beginnings – Time to Awaken by Pam Lob

Christmas and the new year is associated with new beginnings. It’s a time for many to set new year resolutions, goals and intentions for the year to come. It’s a time of looking forward to things been better or greater than the year before. This year we also have an energy shift at the Solstice on 21st December.

2020 has turned out to be a turbulent year for many with frequent unexpected twists and turns that I think none of us would have predicted at the end of 2019. We have been forced into new ways of being whether we wanted to or not. Some have seen it as an opportunity to start again with a new career path, or more importantly a more awoken spiritual connected way of being. Others are frantically trying to hold onto the past and hope a vaccine will soon be available to all and everything will return to normal.

What is normal?

The vaccine or some individual saviour is not going to bring the return to normal many want to see. There is an agenda behind all that has been going on and how it all will pan out no one can be sure. But what is for certain there will be no going back to how life was before.

How 2021 pans out for everyone will be dependent on how and if they embrace the new energies.

2021 will not be a return to the old normal. It’s never the case, life is always changing moving forward with unplanned events, experiences occurring and it’s always better to be prepared for the unexpected. It could even be good! 2020 is the first time many have experienced constant uncertainty and never on such a global level. I see it as a wake up call. It’s time to go within and tap into our inherent unique genius.  Then to come together to co-create the world we want to see, rather than relying on others to hand it to us.

We can choose to start a new or are forced into a new unwanted way of being at anytime as this year has clearly demonstrated. Often it is a health issue, redundancy, retirement or loss of a loved one that is the catalyst for change. But as we head into 2021 it is cosmic forces that are likely to have a big impact on our whole way of being. And it’s not the new year that will be the reset but 21st December



The dark winters nights in the northern hemisphere or the long lazy days of summer in the south are an opportunity to reflect on the year that’s coming to a close and to dream on what we want for the coming year. Or should we let go of this dreaming and planning of the future and just trust.


Whether you believe in horoscopes or not our daily life is influenced by cosmic forces, from tides influenced by the moon to the Schumann resonance. In addition the Solstice on 21st December Jupiter and Saturn will appear to almost merge and put “on a show for skygazers that hasn’t been seen in roughly 800 years. Astronomers are calling it the Great Conjunction of 2020.” ( This conjunction is probably the Star of Bethlehem seen at the time of Jesus’s birth.  Both Saturn and Jupiter also move from Capricorn an earth sign into Aquarius an air sign, so we can expect to feel a shift in energy.  More about this next week.

To envision the future

Last week I attended an online Entrepreneur summit. They were urging us to write how we want life to be in 2030. As I look back over the last ten years I see clearly life is very different to how I imagined it would or could be. I would have laughed and shook my head in total disbelief if you said I would be a best seller author and a speaker on international stages by 2020. Each year something has dropped into my life that I had no knowledge of on the 1st January that has transformed it immensely. This year I had no idea I would be starting a podcast and co-hosting with 2 friends. It has turned out to be great fun and way more successful than we ever dreamed. We are loving the co-creation and now getting to speak with people who we’ve admired and followed for years.  Check it out Live the Impossible Show.  This has also led to the formation of Wholyland our co-creative members platform for Leaders who want to be free to explore: Wholeness, Sovereignty, Genius and to Transform the world.

So for me as we head into the age of Aquarius I’m going to sit in the unknowing from a place of love. I trust the universe will continue to deliver what I need to grow and be the best possible me. One thing I do know co-creation will be a big part of my future. Are you ready to join me and others to co-create a new world?

Enjoy in Joy
Pam Lob
on behalf of the Wholyland council

Coherence av ljud / The Coherence of Sound

Coherence av ljud / The Coherence of Sound

Svensk summering:

När vi går inom det arkeologiska fotavtrycket från antika världar känner vi, upplever vi, andas vi in den medvetna förbindelsen mellan det förflutna, nuet och framtiden. Inom existensens natur har varje sten, varje träd, varje berg och varje vattenhål ett liv har en vibration och det har en sång. De gamla och visa visste detta och hur ljudets sammanhang vibrerar kroppen, rör känslor, inspirerar sinnet och berör andan och hjärtat.

Det skapar en coherence – vilket bidrar till att vi dras till vissa speciella platser.

Karen Thornton som är arkeolog som specialiserar sig på heliga platser har skrivit denna artikel som vi har fått ta del av.

Nu när vi inte får resa fysiskt – kan vi resa i våra hjärtan till de heliga platser runt om världen!

Kramar från oss,

Tora och Ulrika


English text by Karen Thornton

As we walk within the archaeological footprint of ancient worlds we feel, we sense, we breathe that conscious connection of the past, present and future.  Within the nature of existence every stone, every tree, every mountain and every waterhole has a life has a vibration and has a song. The ancients knew this and how the Coherence of Sound vibrates the body, moves emotions, inspires the mind and touches the spirit & heart.

The Sacred Sound of the Isles

The coherence of sound vibrates within Fingal’s Cave isle of Staffa, known for its natural acoustics.  The sound of vibration can be heard through the hexagonal basalt columns formed from volcanic activity and shaped by sea millions of years ago.

The Sacred and Holy isle of Iona known for the Abbey and Nunnery, a resting place where ancient warrior kings of Scotland and Norway were buried, and the spiritual Women of Birth Gathered and Nested.

The Sound of the Piper….

Play piper play… let the Magic that you weave come together through the Sacred coherence of the Masculine and the Feminine united in Love & Honour.   On this day deep within the sacred waters of Loch Coruisk believed to be the Heart of the mighty Cullen Mountains dwells a mystical place steeped in Myth & Legend.  Loch Coruisk where Water Spirits and shape shifters are said to dwell.

The Water Horse takes shape amongst the shadows of the Mighty & Formidable Cullen Mountains believed to be the home of nature spirits/fairies.  On this day of sacred union let the Nature Spirits bear witness.


The Sound of the Stones

The Song of the Standing stones;.

  • Stonehenge,
  • Avebury,
  • Callanish ‘Isle of Lewis,
  • Ring of Brodgar Orkney isle,
  • Stones of Stenness Orkney…

The Mystery & Magnificence of these Standing stones is something to be felt in wonder. The marvel of the How and Why will always be defined through the senses & perspective of the individual journey.

As I walked in the Footprints of my own journey the coherence of sound vibrated far and wide across the land and I was blessed to hear these Standing stones sing.   A high pitched sound would suddenly ring in my ears each time I approached these sites.  Often I could narrow it down to a certain stone as in Stonehenge the Sorenson stone which often stood apart and considered the activator.

The Mystery & Myths are often passed down in legend. The Wonder of Orkney’s Standing stones are told through the coherence of story. The Ring of Brodgar  was believed to be a group of Giants who gathered to dance the music of the fiddle player, but as the sun rose they all turned to stone and the Comet stone which stood apart was said to be the fiddle player, the activator.

The story teller of folk lore will tell you ‘they all have the power to move but once a year at the stroke of midnight ‘Hogmanay’ (New Year’s Eve) when they welcome the New Year in with a drink of water from the nearby loch (apparently not of whisky)…

The Journey of The Stones

Living within the coherence of time and placed as markers of memory in fields of stone.  There lies the life and times of the Neolithic Viking Crusaders & Stonemasons of The Orkney/Arcadian isles. Within the sacred heart of the Wild an Ancient ceremonial landscape is carved and shaped, as the journey of the stone unfolds within an Old Norse complex of monumental Architecture.

Archaeologists view Maeshowe as a chambered mound tomb the mound sits on a circular glacial platform surrounded by a ditch & bank. The passage entrance leads into a stone lined chamber with four huge Standing stones placed upright in each corner.  The elaborate high ceiling filled with long stone slabs is carefully placed & stepped inward as it rises.

The Architecture of this chamber is similar to many other chambers I have viewed shaped specifically for Acoustic Resonance. Architecture shaped for the coherence of sound can be identified within the Egyptian sound chambers located within Saqqara and another example within nature would be the ‘Isle of Staffa’.

Inside the mound chamber of Maeshowe Viking Runes were discovered carved into the stone wall depicting what appear to be a Dragon and the Cross of the Knights Crusaders….

Cymatics the Pattern of Sound

The pattern of sound and cymatics at ‘Rosslyn Chapel’ can be identified within the repeated patterns of ancient symbolism.  These patterns tell a story of mathematical ratios identified within the carved stone of the compass, the square and the Musical Score, as is the Apprentices Pillar.  The Stone Angels appear to be singing or playing musical instruments as carved cubes protrude from the Arches within the Lady’s Chapel, suggesting each one is uniquely carved with symbolic patterns made up of lines & dots.  These patterns may represent codes or keys of Musical Scores.

The use of Chaldoni patterns/or Cymatics is known to produce images that form when music frequencies vibrate along a two dimensional surface.  William St Clair builder of Rosslyn Chapel, Earl of Orkney, Order of Knights & descended from a powerful 10th century Viking Warrior.  Discovered within the chapel was a hidden Viking seafaring map telling a tale of a coherent journey we can only wonder at.   The Goddess the Green man, the Knights the Templar, the Lady, the Way….. ‘More Than a Journey’…


Coherence of musical scores – Rossalyn Chapel

Apprentice Pillar – Rosalyn Chapel

Want to read more come join us in Wholyland. A space awaits you shaped by freedom and wholeness, a space ready for your soul to explore.

Listen to the Live the Impossible Show episode Back to Coherence with Beate Heinkel


Enjoy in joy

Karen Thornton

On behalf of

Wholyland Council

Vårt ABC är Hijacked/ Our ABC is Hijacked!

Vårt ABC är Hijacked/ Our ABC is Hijacked!

Svensk summering:

Vårt alfabet har blivit hijacked – såsom så mycket annat. Coherence handlar om hur saker hänger ihop. När dessa saker inte är i harmoni skapas det obalans.

Det betyder att harmonin i olika ord och ljud också är i obalans.

Allt är vibrationer – och ljud, symboler och ord har allt en frekvens som vibrerar i olika hastigheter. Det betyder att när vi säger ett hijacked ord så vibrerar det inte i balans och harmoni som det var menat.

Vad snackar vi nu om?

Läs denna artiklen av Beate Heinkel från Wholyland Council:



Has been hijacked and it’s time to take it back

into coherent words, sounds, or signs.

This moons theme in ‘Wholyland’ and on ‘Live the Impossible Show’ is ‘coherence’.

Our approach in Wholyland to coherence is from a wholystic point of view. The whole universe is vibration and as humans we literally ARE vibration too. We believe that when this vibration is in coherence it manifests as holy wholeness.

As a consequence we cannot talk about coherence without considering the spiritual dimension of its meaning.

History of Coherence

Let us start from where the idea of coherence was first used. In Latin etymology the word coherence derives from the root of the verb ‘cohaerere’, which means to tie together.

In the 16th century, coherence was used in physics and biology to describe what remains attached. For the scientists of the time stones were coherent, as a stone doesn’t easily disintegrate.

Centuries later, the idea of coherence began to be used in the context of written, or spoken text. Coherence was then understood as a quality of logic and consistency. A common definition is that coherence gives a written or spoken text unity and purpose.

“Coherence is one of the two qualities that give a written or spoken text unity and purpose. The other is cohesion. Coherence refers to the general sense that a text makes sense through the organisation of its content. In writing, it is provided by a clear and understood structuring of paragraphs and sentences in writing.”(teaching English)

It was only in the nineties that coherence entered the scientific research vocabulary!

What had happened?

In order to describe new findings in stress research as well as in consciousness research a new word, a new terminology was needed.

The idea of coherence in stress research is used to describe the synchronisation of heart and brain waves. Heart rate variability can be measured and is looked at as a sign of adaptability and energy saving. So Coherence describes the presence of health. You can read more in the last blog – Heart Coherence.


ABC of Coherence

There is another even wider definition of Coherence:

Coherence is the ability to form a unified whole.

This is related to new research into human consciousness.

We will now focus on the coherence of the ABC alphabet, of letters, words and signs in relation to human consciousness.

In German there is a beautiful quote, a short part of the poem “Stufen” that means „steps“ by Hermann Hesse: “Jedem Anfang wohnt ein Zauber inne.” And  translates it as follows: ‘every beginning has its magic or has an inherent magic’. This is a very precise and correct translation, but I prefer the translation to be:

“In the core of every beginning magic lives”

It is a nuance…, but:

Can you feel the difference?

I feel there is more coherence in this phrase. There is an invitation to life itself. The presence or absence of coherence can be intuitively known and felt.

Coherence is the ability to form a unified whole. In Wholyland we change the ending of ‘whole’ and exchange the ‘E’ to a “Y”. The Y  is a cosmic symbol of amplification and transformation. The healing power of symbols has been researched by the Austrian scientist, Erich Körbler who founded a new healing method in the 1980s called New Homeopathy. Link:

We humans have the ability to recognise and perceive when there is coherence. Possibly this is the mysterious 7th sense so many mystic traditions talk about.  This 7th sense gives us the inner knowing what is ‘wholy’ whole and holy and what is not. This is why coherence is often associated with harmony and beauty. When something is in coherence we often perceive it as beautiful.


Another path to discover coherence is through the work of Masuro Emoto, a Japanese researcher and photographer. He played music to water, wrote words on water bottles and talked or prayed to natural lakes and rivers. He froze water drops and photographed the ice crystals. His work shows that the vibration/energy of the words influence the water and the shape of the crystals. Words of love and gratitude shape beautiful coherent crystals.  Where as words such as hate and greed makes the water loose its crystallising ability.

I am deeply touched by the beauty of the ice crystals he photographed.

Another astonishing fact is that when a coherent ice crystal melts
it forms into the Chinese sign for water.

Coincidence or Coherence?







From Mauro Emoto Die Botschaft des Wassers Koha Verlag                            Chinese sign for water

Hijacked Words

When we came together to co-create Wholyland, we came from different countries, languages, education, and different perspectives. We found a great beauty in this diversity and at the same time we recognised, how words are easily misunderstood or mistranslated. We realised we each create our ‘own story’ when we hear a word, which results in completely different meanings.
We started to see how words have been hijacked, and we are unaware of their true meaning. Therefore we have started to create new words and reclaim the original meaning and power of the words.

One method of hijacking is the mirror-method.

Words can be mirrored. You probably played this game as a child: turning words around, inventing new languages.

So give it a try: turn around some basic words, you really like. And listen to the sound or grasp the turnaround meaning.

Here is an example that might surprise you:

LIVE turns into EVIL.
LOVE turns into EVOL
NAME turns into EMAN (sounds like‚ a ‘man’)

In German LEBEN (to live or life) turns into NEBEL which means fog.

Time to question the history books!

Is there something hidden to us in our language?
Where does language come from?
What is its origin?
What do we know about the creation of different sounds and language around the world?

Matriarchy researchers pointed out a longtime ago, that HISTORY is probably HIS story and HER story. 
How might ‘history’ be different it it was ‘HERSTORY’? 
How might the world be different if we recognised we all tell our own story?

Then history would be ‘MYSTORY’ which is very close to ‘MYSTERY’!

Due to this hijacking and story making we need to be mindful of the meaning we really want to express and the vibration we want to create.

There are people who can speak backwards, so maybe our brains can also grasp the backwards meaning of words simultaneously with the forward meaning.
What consequence does this have on what we may create?
Does it matter if you consciously decide to live forward and not backwards?
Does your attitude towards life influence how you hear words?
Does conscious choice matter?

If you would like to dive into the realm of sounds, check out our articles for members at and listen to our “sounds of silence“


We love to meet (teem-team) you there!

Enjoy, in joy

Beate Heinkel
and the Wholyland Council

Till startsidan