2021 – nya pengar/ new money grid creation

Svenska reflektioner:

Pengar är inte det vi tror det är.

Pengar är det största vapen deep state har för att kontrollera oss. Tiden har kommit för att ta tillbaka makten och skapa en ny “grid” för pengar. Där vi inte har ett pengasystem som är baserat på skulder, men där det kan flöda fritt och i överflöd.

Jag, Tora, hade en vision där jag kunde se hur pengar har förtrollats till ett vapen för mörka makter. Jag tog fram lite av mina “häxkonster” och skapade en ny pengagrid där pengar bara går där kärlek, respekt och uppskattning finns. Du kan läsa, lyssna och se det hela i artiklen nedan.

Du kan också höra hur du kan vara med att skapa och förstärka denna nya grid.

Tillsammans kan vi göra skillnad!!

kram från

Tora och Ulrika

money fan

2021 Money grid creation – the dark spell is gone and how we win WW3


There is a WW3 going on at this time on the planet. Information is heavily censured and false information is spread like a plague with an agenda of the “Great Reset” by the elite/Cabal/Deep state – or whatever we want to call them.

Police arrest and harm people for not wear masks or for not follow restrictions. It is a war between the people and the deep state. And most people are not even aware of it. They still believe in the pandemic narrative and that most countries are democratic!

Money is the deep state´s greatest weapon to manipulate and control the narratives and keep us enslaved. Money is also powerful tool to keep us divided and polaratised and at war against each other. “Lame stream media” of the world is owned by the elite – by the same six companies. All states are private companies that is created for profit.

follow the money

Follow the money

The saying; “follow the money” often brings us down the rabbit holes of corruption, treason, child trafficking, satanic rituals, war and mass murder of different kind. The rich get richer by spreading fear and false stories of pandemics, war threats, terrorism and us against them. Look at which companies doubled their income in 2020, whist millions went into poverty. Amazon, google, facebook, big pharma companies did great in 2020, didn’t they?

For instance, just watch the Fall of Cabal series, and the Sequal of Fall of Cabal. NGO´s, UN, World Economic Forum are just a few money laundriers to funnel money and make the rich even richer and more powerful. https://www.bitchute.com/video/Awrt6vmFdYpw/ (The Sequal of Fall of Cabal is available in the Wholyland Library)

Charged money

The word money is often a loaded word. It goes into the extremes of “Money is evil” to “Money is freedom”. There are many shades in between such as; “Money is just energy”, “money is necessary for our survival” and so on. To make it clear, money in itself is energy. The question is what energy it is charged with.

Who is to blame?

This has nothing to do with to put blame on something or someone else. It has nothing to do with not to take responsibility for our own shadows and blocks. That is a necessary step for sure. Neither has it to do with to stay victim to outer circumstances. We have the power to shift and transform anything.

With that said, many empaths and those who are here to be at service take on way to much responsibility on why money doesn’t flow into their lives. We are taught that everything is within us – hence, if something doesn’t work – it is our own fault and we are to blame. That self-blame program will for sure keep us stuck and keep us in the loop of not feeling good enough.

Change-makers relation with money

Many change-makers such as; lightworkers, starseeds and truthers, or whatever we like to call us, struggle with our relation with money. We have our private blockages and beliefs around it. But what happens when we have cleared, purged and reprogrammed all these layers and yet, still do not seem to be able to attract money? Many starseeds who used to live on planets without money systems also struggle with this level of blocks and shadows. We ask ourselves; why is everything in our lives so hooked up on money?

Money has status.

The last few months, many in our tribe have shared that all of a sudden they could really feel the resistance to money, that money is not important enough to strive for anymore. How the manipulation and abuse of money by the deep state has created this feeling of “Fuck money” and a deeper longing for a new system that is not based on lack and fear. This collective charge on money affects many of us. It is not our fault. And we are not victims to it either! We have the power and the choice to change it.

What would happen if we shifted the spell on money to one that would serve and free us from enslavement by the elite?

What is the value of money?

Let us go back a bit….We use the financial system to demonstrate the value of something. The elite create the value. They program us to believe it has value and tell us what that value is.

Today, money is not backed by gold and silver as it was in the past. It is produced by adding made up numbers in the banks computer systems. Money today has no more real value than the paper (or plastic) it is printed on. Money is created out of nothing. Money is created as a lack and fear-based program.

deep state

The money spell

Money has a black magic spell on it.

If you are sensitive to energies, you are also sensitive to spells. Money will therefore not come into your field as easily, since your bullshit detector will feel the “ickiness” of it. We can try to spiritually bypass it by saying “money is energy”, “money is freedom”. But there might be a part of us that feel we have to sell our souls to get it.

This spell on money means that those who have it control the masses. You can buy yourself out of everything and into anything. There is no moral, ethics or as mentioned before, real value to it. Money therefore enslaves us and keep us trapped to do what we are told, to listen to authorities and not question the status quo. The spell on money makes it worth killing for.

Fear of Money

If you ask someone to stand up for their freedom, money is most likely the reason not to. Most people fear to not have money. “Then I am not allowed to… I have to support my family. I cant afford…”

Is this how you like to live your life?

Being controlled by the few?

Be a puppet as they threat you to freeze your account, take your children, fire you if you do not take the tests or vaccines and so on?

When is enough enough?

When we fear to loose something or someone we are enslaved and trapped in the matrix.

When we do not know who we are we are not free.

When we are not aware of the spells they cast on us and on things around us – we are not free to break them.

You can watch the video of Tora and Karen sharing the vision here:



The Money spell vision

There has been several times over the last month that the theme of money has resurfaced in Toras life. When we had a chat about money with Elizabeth April on Live the Impossible show Tora started to caugh. https://www.livetheimpossible.today/135-2/

When our body physically reacts when we hear something it is a sign of a block or truth is surfacing. We then have the possibility to shift it. Tora could feel that this time it was in the collective field level of money. That affects us privately as well. But is not “personal” in the same way.

Dark money spell

A few days after, Tora had a vision where she saw all these patterns and programs around money (she shares her visions in the video below). She saw how the future would look like if the dark spell on money will continue to dominate on the Earth Grid and the collective field. We do not walk the streets, we stay at home and stare into our screens like zombies. Very similar as to the movie V for Vandetta.

Neutral Money

As Tora cleared the dark magic spell of money it shifted into a neutral energy. As a neutral energy the stress of humanity is gone. We all walk around in bliss and peace of a zen state. Money is, it comes and goes, and our lives are not based on, or surrounded by it. It is very peaceful and lovely.

High vibe Money Spell

Tora decided to take this even further. As an energy transformer, alchemist and grid worker she put another spell on money, for the wellbeing of all, in the highest potential and vibration.

This is where all this gets magical….

At this vibration money goes to Love, Respect and Appreciation.

All of a sudden, people on the streets would hug and lock eyes when they pass on the streets. Strangers or family – we all are one and acknowledge that we are. Money flows into our “accounts” and we live freely and prosperously. No lack, no stress, always abundantly. No matter how much you spend, it will always fill up the cup with more.

The new money grid

In this collective grid field it is not about you or me and our private blocks and beliefs anymore. Money goes to where there is love, respect and appreciation. If you connect with that, you have money flowing into your life. As simple as that.

Orange vision

To illustrate this Tora saw an image of an orange. The appreciation of the sweet juicy orange in her hand, money flow into the lives of all people involved in the journey from the orange tree to her hand. They do their part of the journey at service for, and in honor of, the earth and life. They then receive money in return. Money love to flow to them.

On the other hand, the opposite is also true.

Grain vision

If you do not have love, respect and appreciation for life – money will turn away from you. To illustrate this Tora was given an image of how a man stood next to a silo with grains. Suddenly the grains pour out of the silo and at the bottom there was a young woman´s corps. Money went around the man as he did not have any love, respect or appreciation for life.


The grains can be interpreted as a symbol for money. The grains/money will pour out of the silo/account if the energy is not pure. The silo might look full and rich at the surface, but now as the grains pours out, the hidden truth will come out. Externally the deep state looks rich, happy and something to thrive for. But under the exteriour there are many corps hidden. Now, what has been hidden in the dark will come to the surface to be seen. All the corpses will come out of the closets. The man killed the woman – and so money turn its back on him.

The woman is a symbol of the feminine. The feminine power has been suppressed for thousands of years. Feminine values have not had value. The feminine energy of focus on nurture, the collective, connection, compassion – have had no or little value. Women have been seen as property of men. Women have been slaves without value throughout history.

This means that money will not go to “evil actions” anymore. The deep state will loose their control, loose their money and power – unless they open up for love, respect and appreciation for all life. These visions are metaphors for how the new money grid works.

“Money goes to Love, Respect and Appreciation”

Sacred Money

Sensing ones sacredness is a gift within a deep level of awareness, with that comes a level of pure love of source and service, a conscious connect to the evolving soul. This allows the Magic of our collective hearts to touch and it is within the alchemy of Love, Respect and Appreciation that we can tap into the vibration of money with pure intent and clear the blocks and spells that have been cast.

Within the Magic of Dragon Dreaming Karen has been gifted with the sounds that she shares with you (in the video below), the Song of the Stars.  A vibrational resonance of healing tones that when voiced with pure Love, Respect and Appreciation will clear and heal any spells or blocks placed around the flow of Money. All that is out of balance and disconnected will be restored as the vibration of joy, peace and harmony connects within our internal grid system.

What is a grid?

The grid systems we speak of are both an internal and external source of connected flow.  The grids are created through a time-space frequency and through the vibration of sound we instigate an acceleration of electromagnetic source of conscious flow both internal and external.

These grids, here around money, are anchored on Earth, in the Great Sun and within our own electromagnetic fields.

How can we strengthen this new money grid?

The grid systems are based on the original design of benevolent internal and external systems. These systems are designed to operate at best through the unified field of the Divine Human blueprint. However, what we have seen and experienced is at worst a predominant fear-based world structure filled with greed, conflict and control.

Now is the time to raise your vibration and become the collective evolved love based divine human you are destined to be as you tap into the divine time-space frequency. Now is the right time, right space to anchor your unique sound within the earths field, take back your power through awareness and action. This can be achieved through the pure intent of the connected conscious belief structure based on Love, Respect and Appreciation.

21 days to anchor the new money grid

There is a threshold and portal open right now until March 20th/21st 2021, where we have the chance to amplify this new money grid, so it becomes more accessable for the collective to tap into. The more of us who anchor this grid within us, into Earth and Sky, the stronger it gets. It becomes the “new normal” as the elite like to call it! 😉

What can we do to strengthen it?

  1. We “chant” the mantra; “Money goes to Love, Respect and Appreciation” 21 times for 21 days. You can either use the video below or do it by your self.
  2. We allow our own unique sounds of money come through us – through lightlanguage, jibberish, tones, sounds – whatever comes. Again, 21 days.
  3. We spread the word to our awake friends and family to do the same.

You can watch the chant meditation of the new money grid creation here:

Power of 3

21 is a 3 (2+1=3)

The Power of Three is symbolized by a “triquetra“, a Celtic pattern that shows the center of three connected circles (somtimes bound together by a fourth circle in the center). https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Power%20of%20Three

3 is the holy see, a magic number to anchor and amplify an energy frequence.

When we enter 20-21st of March, 2021 (3rd month, 21st,  year 21) we are at a trippel 3 number. 3+3+3.

The sacred geometry of this date is epic.

Time to act

Can you imagine what could happen if we amplify the new money grid by the March equinox, 2021?

The new money grid would be the collective field of the masses. Deep state would go “bankrupt” and loose their power.

WW3 would end.

Love, respect and appreciation for the wellbeing of all would be the dominant energy on our planet.


We could go on and on about this, but we think you get the picture.


So even if you do not believe in this. Even if you doubt. Please, share and join us for 21 days (start whenever you like) to amplify the new money grid field. What do you have to loose?

There is no harm done to anyone by doing it.

What if this is the golden ticket to freedom?

What if, this could be a key to the Golden Age?

What if….

Nothing to loose, everything to gain dear friends!


Please share wide and far and let us thrive and soar free!


On behalf of Wholyland Council,

Karen and Tora Zophia


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