Historia – är det sanning?/ History – is it the truth?

Svenska reflektioner:

Historia. Hur mycket sanning finns det i historien, egentligen?

Det är intressant att se hur olika historien ser ut beroende av var man bor och går i skola. Vi är många som älskar historia. Men det blir ännu mer spännande när vi också ser att det är inte bara en historia – Story – men också hans historia (His-story). Männen inte bara skrev ner historien – de tog också bort och raderade många kvinnor ur historien. I dessa tider börjar bland annat fler och fler Egyptiska “drottningar” grävas fram ur historien – bokstavligt och symboliskt.

Vinnarnas historia

Det är också vinnarnas historia som skrivs ner. Tora som är gift med en dansk och bor i Danmark har förundrats över hur lite danskarna vet om “det stora eventet” – freden i Roskilde. Det är inte en del av historien som danskarna lär mycket om i skolan. Men i Sverige blev det inpräntat om och om igen – i alla fall på våra skolor på 1970-80 talet.

När man sitter med en dansk och en svensk historiebok är det som att läsa om skilda världar. Kanske är det då inte så konstigt att det finns så mycket konflikter, rasism och oenigheter mellan oss människor. Vår historia, som vi har fått höra är sanning, är olika i olika länder.

Kulturell historia

Ta invandrare som kommer till Sverige. De har ofta fått lära sig att i Sverige finns guld och gröna skogar som de får fri tillgång till. Tja, gröna skogar finns det, men kanske inte lika mycket guld? De har lärt att om du flyttar till Sverige får det både ditten och datten. Är det då konstigt att de har förväntningar om att få det?

Öppen historia

Om vi vill ha fred på jorden – där historia handlar både om män, kvinnor och barn från och om alla kulturer och perspektiv – kanske vi också ska vara öppna för att lyssna på varandras historier. Vad har vi lärt? Och om det är olika information om det vi lärt – kan det då vara sant? Vad är sant?

Och det gäller också omkring hela corona plandemin. I det ögonblick någon är oenig med din historia blir du attackerad, påhoppad och “utskammad.” Är det så vi vill att vår värld ska se ut? Kanske vi borde tänka lite längre innan vi hoppar på någon verbalt eller t.o.m. fysiskt. Behandla andra som du själv vill bli behandlad.

Det är alltså inte rocket science det här. Det är logik och sunt förnuft. Men sunt förnuft är något som verkar har försvunnit ur historien. Nu får vi ta ansvar för våra handlingar och skapa en historia vi kan vara stolta över!

Du kan läsa Pam Lobs historia om sanningen av historien här nedan!

Be Unfuckwithable,

Tora och Ulrika


History – is it the truth?

History is a story of the past whether it is 1 minute or 1 million years ago. Today 20th January 2021 will always be remembered in history as the inauguration of the 46th President of the the United States Joe Biden. Will he be the last ever president of the USA? Who knows at this point. What we do know is the present system is not working.

I’ve always loved history. Finding out about how people lived and what happened in the past. I’ve spent many happy hours exploring old castles, monuments, stately homes and thanks to some great museums how the everyday man and women lived. I’ve often been left with a list of unanswered questions.

What was life really like?
What roles did the women play?
Is this really what happened?

My story

I was 17 before I visited anywhere outside of Great Britain. It was brilliant to see some of the great chateaus, monasteries and Cathedrals of France, but all the information you get is condensed into a small booklet or an A4 laminated sheet. Again more questions!

Since then travel has been a big part of my life and I’ve walked many miles exploring foreign cities, getting away from the tourist hotspots to get a better feel for the cultures, the people and their everyday lives.


I now have the pleasure of friends around the world and get to work on a daily basis with the international Wholyland Council. What has become incredibly obvious is the very different versions of history and events happening right now that we each have. It really makes you question the main stream narrative and encourages a deeper dive into what is the truth.

Down the rabbit hole

This search has certainly led me down the rabbit hole and what I’m seeing is not pleasant but does feel closer to the truth. I’ve always had a strong intuition and have often had a knowing to avoid something or to do more research. My research this year has explained many of my reactions over the years. If you want a future where you are sovereign and free you first need to understand why we are not and look beyond what the main stream media is telling us.



I was lucky to have an enlightened English teacher who got us to read about the same event in different newspapers. Where they really the same event? As a nurse I often knew in detail about a shooting, a road accident, the riots of the early eighties. But what I was reading or hearing on the news had some facts and grains of truth but could have been about a totally different event as so much was fabricated. This has meant I’ve always had a healthy scepticism about news and history.

“As all human beings are ruled by their emotions, opinions, and political and religious affiliations, subsequently all history is comprised of as much opinion as fact and, in many cases, has been entirely fabricated for the furthering of the author’s personal ambitions or secret agenda.“ Kathleen McGowan

History is not what happened.

History is what was written down.
The news is what you are being told from the perspective of the people producing the program or newspaper.

We think of the people of the past living a simple existence with much less knowledge and know how than what we have today. But this is not totally true. In some ways they were more advanced than the majority of us are today. The powers that be which includes the church, governments, large corporations and a few individuals have suppressed, hijacked and manipulated the truth to meet their own ends. There has been/is a war on perception to limit our possibilities and to keep us controlled.  Then we can add in tradition which has always won over truth.

Isn’t it about time that we lived by the truth, with compassion and love for each other?

For some reason, lost in the annals of time women and feminine principles were squashed or hidden. Many ancient civilisations were led by women, but as the power of Rome grew around the time of Christ, patriarchy was to become the norm. May be because a group of men were threatened by and feared the incredible power women can hold. They are dependent on us in so many ways, yet they felt it essential to dim the female spark.

Womens role

Women belonged first to their father and then their husband. The only other options were to become a nun, a prostitute or servant. If they didn’t obey they were subjected to hideous crimes. Very few women learnt to read and write, it was felt unnecessary. Therefore most of history was written by men and therefore contains very little about women, except as wives as in the stories of Henry VIII six wives. One of the few exceptions is Queen Elizabeth I, but she ruled as if she was a man. The same is true of women today who have finally made it into the hallowed halls of Government and business. There is very little sign of their feminine essence.


It has been the scourge of humanity for too long, to damage a woman’s name in order to diminish her.  Powerful women have always threatened weak-willed men. One woman who stood up to the might of the Romans and their evil rhetoric against her was Boudicca, a British Celtic Queen. She rode out to battle carrying a banner saying “The Truth Against the World”.

Who is the enemy?

For thousands of years if you didn’t agree with the narrative of those in power be it the government or the church, war or persecution was/is declared against the so called enemy. We can all remember such events even in our own lifetime.

People are also persecuted for their individual belief or actions, especially if others don’t understand it. The most famous is Jesus, but thousands if not millions have met an early death labeled as a ‘witch’. I’ve certainly met an untimely demise in several lifetimes because of my healing abilities.

Todays persecution

This persecution of healers is still going on today. If anything right now it’s increasing. Social media censorship is shutting down anything that does not match the narrow pharmaceutical version of health care. This is certainly not ‘health care’ and today I would barely even call it ‘sick care’. As many are dying needlessly as they only have access to the approved medicines and procedures.

Yet simple vitamin supplements, un pattented medicines and good nutrition could make a huge difference. But they don’t make a profit so are banned. We are also banned from sharing how you can boost your own health. I and many colleagues have had natural healing information removed. Even worse there are an alarming number of holistic and naturopathic doctors who have died in suspicious circumstances.

What do you want your grandchildren to read in the history books of the future about this time we are living right now?

At the moment if we don’t make a stand for sovereignty and freedom the future looks very much like George Orwell described in 1984. He simply got the date wrong!

Is this the future you want?

If not come and join us in Wholyland where we explore what it means to be sovereign and free. Together we can co-create the future where we can all be in wholeness so that we and the world can thrive.

Enjoy in joy
Pam Lob
on behalf of the Wholyland Council