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I dag, den 7 September går Danmark ut med 5G / Today, September 7th Denmark rolls out 5G


Idag är en mörk och ”f*cked up” dag. Danmark rullar ut 5G-nätet i alla större städer. Som överkänsliga för EMF (elektromagnetiska fält) fruktar vi konsekvenserna för våra egna kroppar och våra barns liv. Vi tycker att det är ganska ”f*cked up” att vi aldrig ens fick chansen att rösta om detta ämne med tanke på att vi förmodas att leva i demokratiska länder. Ingen av oss gav vårt samtycke eller vårt godkännande.

Båda två har redan symtom och utmaningar med EMF. Vi kan knappt resa på tåg, handla i köpcentra eller besöka vänner, eftersom det finns wi-fi, master och mobiltelefoner överallt. Vår frihet är begränsad på ett sätt som vi inte ens kunde drömma om.

Vilka är dina reflektioner runt 5G?

EMF protection clothing


Today is a dark and f*cked up day. Denmark is rolling out the 5G net in all major cities. As highly sensitives towards EMF (electro magnetic fields) we fear the consequences on our own bodies and our children´s lives. We think it is pretty f*cked up that we never even got a chance to vote on this subject considering as we are supposedly live in democratic countries. Non of us gave our our consent, nor our approval.

Both of us already have symptoms and challenges with the EMF. We cannot hardly travel on trains, shop in malls or visit friends as there are wi-fi, masts and mobile phones everywhere. Our freedom is restricted in a way that we couldn’t even dream of.

What are your reflections around 5G?



Nedanstående text är ett utdrag från vår bok/The text below is an excerpt from our book

“Holy F*ck and Sacred Water – the secret connections to everything”

In Denmark, they proudly said that during the lockdown of the country, the telecommunication companies worked during the night to put up 5G* masts and new light poles with cameras and 5G* technology. They have increased the speed of the Internet, now called 4G+. And this is not strange to people? It is just a conspiracy theory? We also personally found more local masts and antennas that are not on the public lists. Why is that? Many antennas are on the roofs, and some houses have up to four antennas. These masts and antennas are located close to schools, kindergartens, and playgrounds – and most of us don’t even know what the masts/antennas are or what they do. People are getting tumors, headaches, stomach problems, diseases, heart problems, and nose-bleeds. But it could not possibly be the EMF!

One-hundred years ago, we didn’t have these types of radiation around us. Because we know we are electromagnetic beings, why is it so hard to realize that this radiation will affect us? What types of diseases have increased over the last 100 years? And what symptoms are many people experiencing during the lockdown of 2020? The EMF signals are of course not solely to blame for them. Yet, to sneak in, hide, and/or remove scientific studies that warn against this is more than ignorant and unconscious. It is really f*cked up!

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