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Va´f*n?/ What the F*ck?


F*ck is a word with many meanings. We can be f*cked up, f*cked, f*ck´n bitches, and life can be f*ck’n good or bad, just to mention a few examples. We, the authors, believe we all are a bit be f*cked up. We were created through a f*ck (well, most of us). This could have been be a holy and magical f*ck or an abusive and traumatizing f*ck. We all have our f*cking shit, some are just better at hiding it than others. It is important to embrace all that f*ck’n shit instead of resisting it. Face it all. Transform it all.

The word f*ck itself carries sparkly energy codes of release and expansion. It is a very powerful word that has been distorted, overused, and underused! Many use it unconsciously without a conscious intention. We also judge ourselves and others if we use this word, or not use it – depending on the meaning we place on the word. In this book we use it consciously to reactivate these codes within you to release the old and spark the new.

There is a huge difference between what we do and who we are. Many judge and have opinions about people because of the actions we take. We give our actions an identity. We become what we do. When in reality we are so much more than our actions.”


Idag har det blivit det ”nya normala” att mobba, vara ”troll” och taskig (som de säger i skåne) eller oskön (som de säger i Stockholm) mot andra människor som har andra åsikter, uppfattningar och meningar än vi. Många tycks mena att det är ok att behandla vänner (på sociala medier eller ansikte mot ansikte), familj, djur, växter och Gaia som skit. Det är också normalt att inte ta ansvar för sin egen skit – skräp (inre och yttre), handlingar och val. Vi som människor har en tendens att hävda att så länge det är vår sanning spelar det ingen roll vilka konsekvenser det har på andra. Å andra sidan, skyller vi på andra för hur de behandlar oss, vad som går fel och hur vi mår. Få överväger att behandla andra som om de vill bli behandlade själva. Och blir väldigt aggressiva om någon är otrevlig mot dem! Vad F *n?

Vad händer i ditt liv just nu?
Hur reflekteras det runt dig?
Hur tar du ansvar för ditt liv och dina handlingar?


Today it has become the “new normal” to bully, troll and be nasty towards other people who have other opinions, believes and perceptions than we do. Many think it is ok to treat friends (on social media and face to face), family, animals, plants and Gaia like crap. It is also normal to not take responsibility for one´s own shit – garbage (inner and outer), actions and projections. We as humans has the tendency to claim as long as it is our truth it doesn’t matter what consequences it has on other beings. The other side of the coin is to blame others for the way they treat us, what goes wrong and how we feel. Few consider treating others like they want to be treated themselves. And get very aggressive if someone trolls them! What the F*ck?

What is going on in your life right now?

How is that reflected around you?

How do you take responsibility for your life and your actions?

Be F*ckin’ MoRE – Become the Master of Reactivated Embodiment. Tora Zophia and Ulrika are transformational life designers and you can find them and their programs at:

Live Unfuckwithable!

Tora & Ulrika






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